Every comic strip I created about the Gym Teacher is based on a real person.  The Gym Teacher I had in high school.  He was fantasticly sarcastic and extremely honest with everyone.  I miss a lot of teachers - but maybe him in a different way.  He made an impression that lasted!  That’s for sure!


The Plympton Halifax Express ran an article on my Preschool Building Stories that took place in November at the Holmes Library.  I know I had a blast but it’s nice when you get a letter thank you for doing your job.  Even better, it’s nice when your job is trying to get people to enjoy telling stories more and more!



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A winter time funny for you!

this week

I am going to Bridgewater Schools late in the week - very excited about that - some of my favorite people are there.  It’s always good to see friends you rarely get to visit, especially around the holidays!  Speaking of which, I hope everyone is having a stress-free holiday season.  One of my favorite things about celebrating Christmas is coming home every-night to a lit up Christmas Tree.  There’s hardly anything as calming as a Christmas Tree lighting your living room.  Anyways, on to the schedule!

  • Monday - Bright Horizons
  • Thursday - George Mitchell Elementary School
  • Friday - George Mitchell Elementary School
  • Saturday - Plymouth Police Department Christmas Party

Another week of no public shows - but they are coming in January!  So keep checking back for dates!  Also, if you’d like for me to visit your school or library let the powers that be know!  That’s the best way to have me visit your neck of the woods!

Places I will be visiting this week:

  1. Bedford, NH
  2. Bridgewater, MA
  3. Bridgewater, MA
  4. Plymouth, MA


Ugh… today was not a great day.  It was one of those days when things seem to just go from not so great to not so greater… if that’s such a thing.  But tomorrow will come.  It will be better.  When days like this arrive I can only suggest taking a look at the little things in life.  Finding humor in the everyday - like this trashbag that refuses to be put down.  You go trashbag!  Be what YOU want to be!


Another cartoon from my Kid Inside series.  Sometimes I look back and they still make me laugh.  I think that’s a good thing, right?

 this week

I am super excited about an opportunity that has presented itself this week - something that I really can’t discuss at the moment - and mainly because there isn’t very much to talk about right now anyways, but just know it’s a very amazing opportuinty that I hope works out in the end.  Also, heading into a very busy Decemeber week I was already rushing between shows today (Sunday) where I started out in Rockland and then to Newton.  I have to come to really enjoy commutes between shows - seeing all of the different towns and being able to travel all over Massacusetts.  Still hate traffic though… I don’t think I will ever get used sitting in traffic.  My schedule is as follows below:

  • Sunday - Christmas Party at the VFW in Rockland
  • Sunday - Christmas Party in Newton
  • Tuesday - Christmas Tales at LPC
  • Wednesday - Lil’ Munchkins Preschool
  • Friday - Triumph Head Start

This week there are no public shows but no worries - I have plenty of things on the horizon for everyone looking to see me!  Also, if you’re curious on how to get me to come to your neck of the woods - the best thing to do is suggest to your local library or your child’s school and tell them that they should invite me to come tell my tales there!  Nothing speaks louder than words!  Let them know you’d like to have me visit your town!

Places I will be visiting this week:

  1. Rockland
  2. Newton
  3. New Bedford
  4. Scituate
  5. Taunton


Title: Wave
Author: Suzy Lee
Illustrator: Suzy Lee
Publisher: Chronicle Books

This past October I spent 4 weeks in Cohasset at the Paul Pratt Library where the librarian, Sharon Moody, accepted my request to showcase her pick of the book of the month! This wordless picture book is absolutely perfect for the costal town children who know what a day at the beach means! Chasing - and being chased - by the wanes in the ocean. It’s a game I play even to this day! It’s so perfect! In fact, for all of those not close to the ocean, for those who have never had the pleasure to visit a beach, this book perectly encapsulates the best part of beach. Check it out today!

Thanks for the great book suggestion Sharon!


Trying to go through and clean up the pics from the summer I founf this great shot of my daughter and son waiting for me to start my show at the Plymouth Public Library.  Antone is crawling now - but my daughter still grabs him and hold him just like this.  Shw loves her little brother so much.  He, well he takes the love in strides.  He’ll appreciate it later, I’m sure.

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