Big Ryan Art



I am always so thankful to get cards from the schools and children that I get to share my stories with. Even if it’s from the teachers or the children themselves - the card above is from a fantastic school in Groton that I love to visit and the card below the children made themselves.

It’s never expected and always appreciated to get cards like these - knowing that the schools regard the shows past how much the children enjoy them. I always give my 100% at shows and will continue to do so forever so it’s nice when I get a reminder about how much




The image above is a card that was made for me by the children from the Mashpee Building Stories workshop.  I know I had a blast hearing what they came up for stories and I hope to go back someday!  Below are the dates for the upcoming Building Stories events:

- Plympton Public Library - Few Slots Left!

  • Feb 5th, 12th, 26th and ends March 5th
  • Tuesdays at 4:00pm

- Kingston Public Library - Open Slots Left!

  • Feb 6th, 13th, 27th and ends March 6th
  • Wednesdays at 5:00pm

- Plymouth Public Library - Registration starts on FEB 10th!

  • Feb 24th, Mar 3rd, 10th and ends Mar 17th
  • SUNDAYS at 1:00pm

May Art

I do love coming up with new stories to tell with my puppets.  Nothing feels better than when a new story works - and most of the time, with each telling, the story changes just a bit until it’s perfect.  That’s why I think the kids love the puppets so much - they are short, strong stories that leave an impact.

BR April Art

This particular artist is one of my favorites - mainly because he gave me a generous amount of hair and some cool sunglasses!  I believe that is Mr Moose next to me - then again I can’t remember when Moose says “Come on!” in a story… so I could be wrong.  I just really appreciate the beatnik appearance he’s given me.

juggling 1

I get a lot of pictures of me juggling - and that’s good because it’s one of my favorite parts of the show too!  I wonder if anyone ever leaves my shows and tries to juggle the way that I showcase.  If so, no one has ever told me that they have…

Mr Moose sings

My favorite part of this masterpiece made by a Bridgewater First Grader - he gets the song Mr. Moose sings, in my story entitled “You Can’t Believe Everything You Read”, down pat!  If it means anything, Thomas, that’s my favorite part of the story too!

 jan art

This is one of my favorite drawings - I mean the likeness of me is uncanny!  Maybe my ears are a bit smaller - but they are certainly my best feature.  Right behind my eyes…

Me and Alligator

I love getting pictures of me from kids who drew them - especially when they did it in the middle of the show!  This past Saturday I was telling stories in Onsett and, as I did, one of the boys watching began sketching in his little notebook.  At the end of the show he presented me with this drawing of me with the Alligator puppet.  So, thank you Anthony, for this awesome picture.


I was able to tell some stories for the children of Little People’s College on Christmas Eve.  They thanked me by sending me some great pictures they drew of me and the stories I told.  I will be creating a whole new page to showcase some of the Big Ryan art I’ve received over the years.  Keep an eye out!