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Visiting one of the many great attractions that MA has to offer!  A few pics from Purgatory Chasm in Sutton.




I have not only been featured recently for the Raising a Reader groups in Plympton but also the Talking Comics with Big Ryan at the Plymouth Library! Both of them continue this weekend - so mark your calendars and make sure to visit!



Birding has taken a small break over the summer - due to so little free time and more foliage providing more cover for our feathered friends - but I decided to share a few shots of these two. A Yellow-Rumped Warbler and a Royal Tern.




I am always so thankful to get cards from the schools and children that I get to share my stories with. Even if it’s from the teachers or the children themselves - the card above is from a fantastic school in Groton that I love to visit and the card below the children made themselves.

It’s never expected and always appreciated to get cards like these - knowing that the schools regard the shows past how much the children enjoy them. I always give my 100% at shows and will continue to do so forever so it’s nice when I get a reminder about how much



A few weeks ago I mentioned seeing a Pileated Woodpecker at the Science Center in Norwell.  I said I would post a pic - so here it is:


Also, if you click on the image it will bring you to the SSSC blog where they mention that the woodpecker has been spotted for a few years now - and that this was the third spotting this year!  Pretty exciting stuff for a birder like myself!

mike mills

I know the week just begun but I doubt anything else will top this - I just met Mike Mills at a rest stop in Conn!  Mike Mills was part of the amazingly talented band R.E.M. (they retired in 2012) a band that I have always been a huge fan of.  In fact, this past week I was at Zapp Comics in NJ and saw the R.E.M. figures that the Simpsons just released.  Out of all the coincidences in the world - Mike Mills came to the exact rest stop my family decided to eat lunch at!  I was amazed and humbled to meet a man whose songs I’ve idolized for SO many years!  He ever signed my Mike Mills figure as seen below:

mike mills 2

What a way to start the week!

poppin pebbles

Earlier I mentioned I can make cereal - well, I found this earlier this week and thought I has stumbled into heaven.  It’s like pop rocks… for BREAKFAST!  Best. Thing. Ever.


This was taken last week after my show in Quincy - and it made me chuckle.  This winter has certainly been quite a doozy - but let’s all remember, Spring is right around the corner!


A shot from this past summer when I had a corn on the cob that was having an inner struggle to be orderly or just let it’s freak flag fly!


I had a great trip to Jenny Grist Mill on Monday morning with my daughter as we went birding.  We saw many different kinds of birds including a few rare sightings of the Eastern Bluebird, and an even rarer sighting of a Wood Duck still hanging arond after the warm weather has disappeared!






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