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Due to overwhelming response to the bedtime story Antone and I did this past Sunday we will be doing it again - this time with both the kiddos!  If you’d like to join in then make sure you you’ve liked the Big Ryan’s Tall Tales Facebook page and tune in at 7:00pm on Sunday.  We will be reading a story or two and saying hello to anyone joining in!  Watch while we are live and say hello!  These are in celebration of the Raising a Reader programs continuing at:

  • Plympton Library, Thursdays at 1:30pm
  • Holmes Library in Halifax at 1:00pm

Make sure to come and enjoy some personal time with Big Ryan!  The Raising a Reader series is brought to you by the South Shore Family Network.

I cannot believe how things change over the years like this…




I swear just yesterday I was tucking this little girl into her crib - and this boy could fit into the crook of my arm. When did they get so big?


If you ever see baby pictures of me - we look like clones!


What a wonderful and amazing event!  What I really liked was seeing all of the characters walking around - straight from the pages of some of our favorite literature!  Paddington was there, Stelleluna was hanging around, Curious George was there and even some of the Wild Things were having a rumpus!  It was a great time!  II even had a couple of the patrons tell me after that I was the “best part” of the event - which is a huge compliment seeing as my competition was the very talented children’s librarian staff and the characters mentioned above!  And yes, if you look at the picture above you can see my daughter and son (sitting together) in the front row.




My son is turning one today.  This happy little guy is getting too big already!


Trying to go through and clean up the pics from the summer I founf this great shot of my daughter and son waiting for me to start my show at the Plymouth Public Library.  Antone is crawling now - but my daughter still grabs him and hold him just like this.  Shw loves her little brother so much.  He, well he takes the love in strides.  He’ll appreciate it later, I’m sure.

antone 1

This kid seriously can’t get any cuter.