The Kid Inside





I was just told, by a sweet little girl, that I am the funniest person she’s ever met.  I will take it as a compliment and not think about the fact she’s probably only met a dozen people in her lifetime! I will say though - there are times I can make my strongest critics laugh - even my wife chuckled at this cartoon!


This week is going swimmingly and I am super excited for today’s shows. I also was recently talking with a friend and was discussing our daughters. His just turned 13 and he said it was like it happened in a blink. “Just like that” he said “and she’s 13. She’s a little woman.” We talked about freezing time to keep them little and after a second he says “You know what though? It’s all been good. Even the rough times - they were still good.”

This cartoon was done when my daughter was still too little to know how to put on make-up - but it was like a self fulfilling prophecy because she loves to dress up and get all gussied up now. She says it’s because she looks so pretty. I tell her she’s pretty without any make-up at all.


I love this show… and apparently so does Amy


As of laundry was already a bit of a chore!

If you’ve ever had a chance to hear The Bunny Bird then you’ll already know where the idea from this cartoon came from. It’s even funny without the knowing the story - but that knowledge maybe makes it better? I’m not sure - but it sounds good!

I remember gym class being much like this…

I can’t wait for the Superbowl! I know the Pats haven’t been up to snuff lately but our boys are trying hard! Keep the faith! Let’s go PATS!

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