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Title: Float
Author: Daniel Miyares
Illustrator: Daniel Miyares
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

I am happy to bring back Book of the Month this year! This past week I discovered Float at the Hingham Library. It tells the story of a little boy with a newspaper boat but realizes just how well it floats! This is a sweet and sad story of discovery with a great and useful ending. Wordless picture books have always been my favorite of the genre and so useful in so many ways. This book explores a little boy’s rainy afternoon and the reality of what can happen with a running rain water and a street drain.

Check out this book today!

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Title: Wave
Author: Suzy Lee
Illustrator: Suzy Lee
Publisher: Chronicle Books

This past October I spent 4 weeks in Cohasset at the Paul Pratt Library where the librarian, Sharon Moody, accepted my request to showcase her pick of the book of the month! This wordless picture book is absolutely perfect for the costal town children who know what a day at the beach means! Chasing - and being chased - by the wanes in the ocean. It’s a game I play even to this day! It’s so perfect! In fact, for all of those not close to the ocean, for those who have never had the pleasure to visit a beach, this book perectly encapsulates the best part of beach. Check it out today!

Thanks for the great book suggestion Sharon!

Title: Night of the Veggie Monster
Author: George McClements
Illustrator: George McClements
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s Books

Sort of a treat this time around - everyone should make sure to click on the image above to be brought to a video reading of this adorable and pretty hilarious book.  Even better though, go to your local book store (not that there are many left) and purchase this great book from this humorous author!  If there is something I can relate to the most it is having a picky-eater and wanting the stubborn little bugger just to try it!

Title: Flora and the Flamingo
Author: Moly Idle
Illustrator: Molly Idle
Publisher: Chronicle Books

I have a severe love for wordless picture books - or as I like to call them… picture books. To tell a story without the crutch of words is a fascinating and exciting proposition. If you really think about it - it’s the exact opposite of what I do.  I like the idea of telling stories where the listener must imagine what the characters and actions look like in their own heads.  Picture books similarly forces the reader to tell the story just through what they see.  Flora and the Flamingo does it brilliantly.  A very sweet story about a little girl and a bird who are the perfect dancing partners.  Check it out today!

Title: The Giver
Author: Louis Lowry
Illustrator: N/A
Publisher: Laurel Leaf

It may be interesting to learn that I did not read this book in school.  I was never given the opportunity to read this classic in Jr or regular High School.  I’m sort of glad of that fact.  I’m not sure of I would have taken to reading it with such ferocity as I did when a friend recommended the book to me now.  I loved the tale of a community inflicted with sameness and the struggle that grew inside a little boy when faced with the knowledge of the world before the differences were disregarded.  Every twist made me want to read further - and even though I adore books with more open ended finales - I wish this one gave me a more concrete idea of where Jonas and the little one ended up.  I have heard that this book is a series - and I may have to look into the other books as well.  But as far as I am concerned, I had a blast discovering this classic.

I know there is also a movie coming - but do yourself a favor and read the book first.

Title: Even Monsters Need Haircuts
Author: Matthew McElligott
Illustrator: Matthew McElligott
Publisher: Walker and Company

I was going to save this until October - but in reality I found this book last April in one of the Boston Public Libraries and have had it in the arsenal ever since.  I thought it was time to break it out and let the world know how much I love this book!  It’s a hilarious look at monsters and a little boy who wasn’t afraid to help them look their best!


Title: The Boy and the Airplane
Author: Mark Pett
Illustrator: Mark Pett
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

I am so excited since starting the Preschool Building Stories where I get to talk to librarians about their favorite titles - including my favorite books - the wordless picture books!  This is one of the more impressive books I have come across.  As I always tell the people who come to the workshops - wordless picture books are so fantastic and work so well with kids who have a great imagination - but they are even better for children with a more concrete way of thinking - with a harder time using their imaginations.  They also teach children that books are more about the fantastic stories inside and not just about learning to read.

Title: Shark vs. Train
Author: Chris Barton
Illustrator: Tom Lichtenheld
Publisher: Little Brown & Co

This hilarious and surprisingly accurate storybook was introduced to me by the librarian at the Norwell Library.  When I asked her what books were her favorite to read she immediately went to the bookcase that housed this gem and plucked it off the shelf.  I leafed through the book giggled my way through it.  Not only is it extremely funny - but the ending is so perfect as well!  I love idea of this story and think it’s a perfect read for anyday day of the week!

Title: Fossil
Author: Bill Thomson
Illustrator: Bill Thomson
Publisher: Two Lions

Bill Thomson continues to amaze and give David Weisner a run for his money in the wordless picture book category.  This book follows a young man discovering a special power where, after discovering a fossil, the thing appears in front of him - even though it has been extinct for millions of years.  The real adventure begins when he finds a fossil of a Pterodactyl.  Make sure you seek out this book and enjoy this amazing find!

Title: Song and Dance Man
Author: Karen Ackerman
Illustrator: Stephen Gammell
Publisher: Alfred A Knopf Books

Here is one of my favorite books to read about family!  What better month to read about family than November. When you sit down around your table this Thanksgiving this year, take a moment to tell your Grandmother or Grandfather how much you love them. Too many people are without their loved ones and this time a year it highlights it a little more than any other time.

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