Book of the Month

Title: The Dark
Author: Lemony Snicket
Illustrator: Jon Klassen
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

I think that books with messages are great - of course they are meant to entertain - but if you have a way of working a message in as well. well, then you really have something special! The better thing, if you can work it in, is give a child a power against a fear. This books talks about how the child in the story conquers his fear of the dark.  Pick it up - especially in this great, spooky month!

Title: King of the Playground
Author: Phillis Reynolds Naylor
Illustrator: Nola Langer Malone
Publisher: Aladdin Paperbacks

Here we are heading back to school!  Bullying is still a really big topic these days - and for good reason - no one should have to be bullied.  There is another aspect of bullying that we should not overlook and that is children standing up for themselves.  This book handles both sides of the coin very well and is a perfect resource for anyone who is having trouble dealing with with this senstive issue.

Title: Duck at the Door
Author: Jackie Urbanovic
Illustrator: Jackie Urbanovic
Publisher: Harper Collins

Try staying out of the heat with a library visit well, make sure to check out this very funny book! This is a whole series and each one os pretty hilarious - but this one is my absolute favorite! It makes me crack a smile everytime I read it - mainly due to the Duck’s unique ability to keep everyone smiling through every page!  Check it out today!

Title: Birdsongs
Author: Betsy Franco
Illustrator: Steve Jenkins
Publisher: Margaret K Elderberry Books

Steve Jenkins has been a favorite of mine for a LONG time - one of the best books I have offered up as a BOTM was a classic of his called Looking Down. Mix this with my love for watching birds and you have a winning combination and a winner of a children’s book!  One of the best things about taking interests in birds is hearing their different calls and telling them apart!

Title: Green
Author: Laura Vaccaro Seeger
Illustrator: Laura Vaccaro Seeger
Publisher: Roaring Books Press

I came across this book while at the Upham’s Corner and fell in love with it instantly!  It was amazing - every page was a new adventure in creation and art.  No wonder it won a Caldecott Honor.  Make sure to check out this book today!

Title: Who Wants a Cheap Rhinoceros?
Author: Shel Silverstein
Illustrator: Shel Silverstein
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

How can you deny the classics - like ANYTHING by Shel. Shel was the man. He wrote a lot - some was good - some was great and very little was terrible. I wish I had met him in real life. This was written in a different time - late 60’s I think - so make sure you read this very funny book about a boy trying to sell you a cheap rhinoceros - all the good points and some of the bad ones… all hilarious but some out of date. Still, a treasure in any child’s library!


Title: Blackout
Author: John Rocco
Illustrator: John Rocco
Title: Hyperion Books

I thought this was an appropriate book after what happened in the last blizzard to many of us!  I hope everyone has power back at this point - and if not I hope it won’t be much longer!  The book is a fantastic look into a family’s summer night when they are struck with a power failure!  What does everyone do when they can’t use the computer or the phone?  Read it and find out!

Title: Hello! Hello!
Author: Mattew Cordell
Illustrator: Matthew Cordell
Title: Hyperion Books

I was talking to Tom, a good friend of mine, who is someone you guys out there might be more familiar with as one of the duo from Toe Jam Puppet Band. (P.S. - If you’ve never heard of the Toe Jam Puppet Band - look up their schedule - they are fantastic!) Tom and I were discussing his recent departure from everything cyber. He wanted to focus on the real things in life. It made me think of this book. A simple but powerful story of what can happen when you stop texting and actually look around once in a while!

As an added bonus - click on the pic of the book above to watch the video trailer for the book!

Title: Stella, Queen of the Snow
Author: Marie Louise Gay
Illustrator: Marie Louise Gay

There are a lot of books about kids in the snow - and this is one of the tops. A big sister has to answer the thousand of questions that her little brother has about snow. My favorite was “What do snowmen eat?” I’ve always thought, if they get really hungry, they can eat their carrot nose.

Title: Leaves
Author: David Ezra Stein
Illustrator: David Ezra Stein

One of the greatest thrills of the lives we get to lead on this little planet is discovering the wonders this world has to offer. The feeling of realizing WHY something happens is one of the best feelings. This book is a fun way of looking at a creature discovering the wonders of fall and watching the world change around him. Check out this book today!

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