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this week

This Saturday is the Plymouth Pinefest - I have had the honor of entertaining at this fantastic event for the past 3 years and I will be there again! Make sure you come to enjoy the entire event - you can see a video here about what this important and amazing event offers.

My summer schedule is still filling up fast and if you would like to book something give me a call anytime at (508) 641-5336.

Here is the storytelling schedule for this week:

  • Tuesday: Duxbury Free Library Raising a Reader @ 1:00pm *Week 3
  • Saturday: Pinefest @ 11:00am

Please check the Upcoming Shows page for more information on all of these shows.

Places I will be visiting this week:

  1. Duxbury
  2. Plymouth



I have not only been featured recently for the Raising a Reader groups in Plympton but also the Talking Comics with Big Ryan at the Plymouth Library! Both of them continue this weekend - so mark your calendars and make sure to visit!



If you visited us this past Saturday - THANK YOU! I can’t wait for Saturday to come again! If you’d like to join us there are a few more seats open so please register on the Plymouth Library website!




blurry me

It took me a while to upload these photos from the fantastic show that happened on Halloween on the cape. It was amazing - and the costumes were such fun to see! Thank you to the Snow Library for inviting me out and I’m not sure who had more fun - audience or me!

snow audience


I think this might be the best summer ever so far! I have been traveling all over Massachusetts telling my tales of Amy saving George from his rogue flying bicycle. I certainly think I’ve had the best crowds I’ve ever had at most of the libraries I’ve visited! This is from early July and the wonderful crowd at the Holmes Library, an easy favorite of mine to visit!



Between the howling laughter from the kids and the giggles from the adults in the back it’s always a pleasure to entertain the families of Halifax!



Even my son Antone was able to get into the action during the “Popsicle Song”. I think my favorite submission was the “trash” popsicle one of the children suggested. Gross humor is always quite funny to them!

I hope everyone out there is enjoying there hot days of summer and figuring out ways to stay cool! Plenty of time is left though - so make sure you fit in all of the events you want to, like eating ice cream, a boat ride, a beach day… and of course, a trip to see Big Ryan!


Having the opportunity to tell some stories from my teaching days and giving some tips to teachers to try to make their days more enjoyable with their children is the best way to spend a Monday ever!

Boy, that’s a long sentence!


I can cook like a little 8 year old chef.  I make hotdogs like nobody’s business!  Spaghetti?  Yup, I can make a sweet bowl of pasta for you!  That’s about it… no wait!  Cereal!  That’s cooking because you’re mixing two ingredients together!


Another successful year at the Early Childhood Fair in Kingston!  This year we lucked out with the weather - it was a rainy, dreary kind of day - perfect for coming out to hear stories!  I was able to tell a classic, a favorite of mine, to the great crowd.  Abiyoyo! Thanks to everyone who came out to hear the stories!



What a wonderful and amazing event!  What I really liked was seeing all of the characters walking around - straight from the pages of some of our favorite literature!  Paddington was there, Stelleluna was hanging around, Curious George was there and even some of the Wild Things were having a rumpus!  It was a great time!  II even had a couple of the patrons tell me after that I was the “best part” of the event - which is a huge compliment seeing as my competition was the very talented children’s librarian staff and the characters mentioned above!  And yes, if you look at the picture above you can see my daughter and son (sitting together) in the front row.




Anyone who knows or who has asked Big Ryan can tell you that he is one of the biggest Hulk fans there is.  He spotted this at his local library - and he said it made him smile.  So he wanted to share it with you for this week’s picture.  Now, go read or Hulk may SMASH!

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