February 2007

The Beginning… Wolf and Moose Ventress Library 2-23-07Big Ryan and his Funny Faces

I started the day in Framingham at Bright Horizons where I go twice a month to tell my tales to the toddlers and preschoolers there.  They were treated to the March Book of the Month Shortcut and to some really funny stories.  Then I was off to Marshfield to the Ventress Memorial Library where I was greeted by 100 excited children.  As usual, Marshfield was a pleasure and they are such a polite and energetic audience.  I love seeing the same faces over and over and was informed that my biggest fans all come from Marsfield.  (Plymouth might have something to say about that) Can’t wait to see you again!  Thank you for coming!    

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Abington Library Sharon Pulic Library Juggling in Sharon

I visited the Abington Public Library this morning at 11:00am.  I was met with great enthusiasm by the Children’s Librarian who told me we were to expect a wonderful crowd.  And that’s exactly what we got!  About 50 children ranging from Kindergarten to 6th Grade came and laughed themselves silly.  Then it was off to Sharon for a 2:00pm show where 100 of the community kids were all ready to hear some stories.  Thank you to the Sharon Librarian who keeps having me back, and to the community for continuing to come back and listening to my stories!  See you over April vacation!

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Title: Shortcut
Author: Donald Crews
Publisher: Mulberry Books

This story is about a group of children who decide to take a shortcut home - walking on train tracks!  Follow the boys and girls as they soon realize that walking on the train tracks was not a good idea.  This story is most effective when you use a slow monotone voice while narrating and don’t forget the train sound effects!