April 2007

Bourne 1  ZOO 1

This past Thursday and Saturday I had two great shows.  First, the Bourne Library packed the crowd in nice and tight - so that everyone who came to see me had a chance to!  There was hardly standing room!  What a enthusiastic crowd that showed up! 

Next, on Saturday, I visited the Buttonwood Zoo where another room FULL of people laughed along to my silly stories and had alot of fun meeting Edgar and Charlie and, of course, Alligator!  Check out the pics below to see all of the storytelling action!

  • Wolf and Moose at Bourne                  Big Ryan Announcement
  • Bourne 3                                                 Zoo Crowd 2
  • Bourne 4                                                 Me Moving So Fast - I look all blurry!
  • Zoo Entrance                                          Meeting Alligator
  • Zoo Crowd                                               Juggling!


A large group of friends joined me at the South Yarmouth Library this past Wednesday evening.  Some of whom have never seen a Big Ryan show before!  After the show was over many of the new fans came over to tell me just how much they enjoyed the show!  A large thank you goes to the Children’s Librarian who took all of the pictures and shared them with me so I could post them here!

These Pictures are from 2003 when I did a play called “Big Ryan’s Tall Tales presents Big Ryan’s Tall Tales Come Alive End of the Summer Spectacular!”  It was alot of fun but alot of money to put on - so eventually - the plays could not go on.  If you were there please leave a message telling me what you thought of the plays - if you’d like to see another play leave a message saying so.  Maybe, with enough interest, the play will go on!


Title: Goggles
Author: Ezra Jack Keats
Publisher: Puffin Books

This story is about two boys who find a small treasure - an old pair of motorcycle goggles!  Along with thier dog Willie, Peter and Archie head home - only to encounter some older boys who want the goggles for themselves!  See what Peter and Archie do!  This story is one of my favorite Keats stories because it deals with issues that every young boy has had to deal with from time to time - bigger, scary, older boys!  I really like how Keats handles the situation he puts this characters in and it makes a wonderful addition to any library!

The Crowd  Dancing

First, let me just appologize about not getting these pictures up right away.  I have been a bit busy - but I wanted to show you just how wonderful the crowds were at this past Saturday’s shows!  Alot of familiar faces showed up to hear my stories!  I told “Morphing Beans” and both Wolf and Moose and the Dog Puppets made appearences!  It was such a fantastic time.  It was also good to see David Mellow - a fellow storyteller - amuse the audience with his tales too!  Check out some of the pictures below!