May 2007

Family Literacy Night Enhacing Children’s Literature 

After an extremely busy week, I was in Scituate on Tuesday, Fall River Wednesday, a wonderful show for the residents of Royal Nursing Home in Falmouth on Thursday, then Thursday night spent in New Bedford telling some families stories for Little People’s College Family Reading Night, then Friday where I spent the whole day in Hanover and ended in Hull for an Ice Cream Social hosted by the Hull Family Network, I am looking forward to my day off on Sunday.  My foot seems to healing just fine, and thank you to everyone who has either called or emailed me well wishes.  My doctor said nothing is actually broken. 

Lastly, after a quick meeting with the owner of Cubby’s Clubhouse (871 Washington St, Rte 53 - right across the street from McGee Toyota, in Hanover), I will be doing 2 shows this week.  Both Thursday (5/24) and Friday (5/25) I will be there from 5:30 - 7:00pm telling my funny tales and selling my CD’s.  Call Cubby’s for more information (781) 826 - 2582.  If you have the opportunity swing by and check it out!  Hope to see you there!

Below are some pictures from Family Literacy Night participating in the song “Hi My Name is Joe” with some pretty funny results.

The Foot Teacher Training 5/5/07 Ouch

Last Friday, after my shows in Pembroke, during a daring attempt to save a small child off of a rock that he climbed but could not get down, I slipped off the rock and my ankle rolled, spraining it severely.  It may not look pretty - but it felt worse.  No fears though!  I still did my show at the Charter School at 6:00 and even did my teacher training in Taunton the next day.  Check out the pictures!  Warning - some of them are pretty gross.


 Title: OH!
Author: Josse Goffin

The visually stunning OH! is a hidden treasure in children’s literature.  Each simple picture, a tea cup, a clothes pin, a flower, the moon - becomes so much more.  The theme is arresting and children will pick this book again and again to flip through and enjoy!  Great book for toddlers - even better for preschool and early Elementary.  I can’t praise this book enough!  One of my absolute favorites!