July 2007

me in philly

I spent the weekend in Philadelphia.  I left right after the Plymouth show and traveled for 7 hours in a car to visit this historic city.  I thought some of you might enjoy seeing some pictures of my trip.  Let me know what you think! 

The Liberty Bell Sorry! Wherre the Constitution was signed Me and My Wife

Nice Fountain Trash can doing a magic trick Rocky with the wife and I

Plymouth 07 

Plymouth Library was filled to the rafters last Friday with Big Ryan Groupies!  A turn out of about 300 people came to see me do The Bunny Bird - a tale on my new CD “Put Your Best Foot Backward” - as well as listen to Wolf and Moose do some silly tales and Pete Seeger’s Abiyoyo. 

They also heard about Big Ryan’s Storytelling Workshops for Children slated to begin in the summer of 2008.  I will post more on that later - if you are intrigued now and would like to hear more about it, please email me with an address and I will send out some information right away!  Thanks to every one who came!

Plymouth 2 Plymouth 3 Plymouth 4

Pembroke 1 

The Pembroke Library was packed today with children of all ages ready to giggle and yell their way through another Big Ryan show!  It may look like I’m trying to show off my ENORMOUS muscles in the above picture - but actually - we are getting ready to do the song “Father Abraham” which is a seriously funny and addicting song.  The patrons also heard “Morphing Beans” an original tale, which I’m planning to put on my next CD, and my version of Abiyoyo!  Today was alot of fun and I’m even more excited because the Plymouth Library show is this Friday!

Thank you to the Librarian who took all of the pictures.  They also had the coolest tickets made up to get into my show.  I forgot to get a picture of them, sorry.

Pembroke 2 Pembroke 3 Pembroke 4

Elizabeth Taber 

After spending the morning in Quincy at Djerf Preschool my afternoon went just swimmingly going to Marion and seeing a full room of children who came to hear my stories at the Elizabeth Taber Library.  What a great group of children ranging in age from very young to moderately older. 

Then it was off to Mansfield where ALOT of children came to hear my original story “The Bunny Bird” and laugh at Wolf and Moose.  It was a full day Monday, and after telling stories all day long I went home to go to bed.  Storytelling can be exhausting!

Elizabeth 1 Mansfield 1 Elizabeth 2

Elizabeth 3 Elizabeth 4 Mansfield 2

Great Dancing

Another rousing crowd joined me at the Taunton Library all ready to hear some of my crazy stories.  The theme this summer for the libraries is “Catch the Beat” so I treat everyone to my version of Pete Seeger’s “Abiyoyo” - except that I use a drum because I’m not talented enough to know how to play the guitar.  Maybe someday - but for now I can keep a solid beat on the toy drum that I play!  The pictures were provided to me by the children’s librarian Kate Warren.  Thank you so much and I hope to visit again real soon, Taunton!

Taunton Wolf and Moose

Kingston 1 

I spent the afternoon telling stories to a very crowded room of families in Kingston today.  It was the perfect day to escape the heat and come inside instead to see Big Ryan be silly.  Wolf and Moose were on hand (literally) telling stories of thier own - and everyone, including most of the parents, did a rousing version of “Hi, My Name is Joe” with me.  Thank you to Carrie Elliot for taking these pictures of the show and as always to Augusta Lynch for inviting me back to share my tales! If you’d like to check out the pictures that the Kingston Library posted on their website - click here - thanks!

Wolf and Moose K HiMyNameisJoe1 HiMyNameisJoe2 Juggling

The sign says it all 

I drove to Charlton last Wednesday to perform for the library.  Unfortunately the Library was still under construction and I couldn’t perform there.  From what I did get to see of the inside it looks beautiful - and hopefully the patrons will get to see it soon - but for now the librarian is running full steam into the summer program and having a blast with the kids who can find where the programs are going to be that day.  As you can tell from the sign above I performed in the Grange.  Thank you to the town of Charlton for allowing us to use that space - the kids and I had alot of fun.  I forgot to take pictures during the show though - so you will have to use your imaginations!  Just think of laughing children and a big, goofy adult making funny noises.

Brodie 1 

I have a cat named Brodie Bruce who apparently loves to climb into small places and curl up there to fall asleep.  One day as I was trying to clean my office I threw a bunch of my puppets into the corner.  Later I noticed a head poking out that wasn’t supposed to be there.  Seems Brodie had found a place to make himself comfortable.  How can you not love a kitty this cute?

Finding a place almost perfect Just Right

Norwell Show

These pics are from the end of June at a show at Norwell Library that went extremely well.  The kids heard my version of Pete Seeger’s Abiyoyo and were visited by Wolf and Moose who told them some funny tales - as always.  Thank you to Nancy Perry the Children’s Librarian and I hope you all like the pictures! 

Night at the Fair

Title: Night at the Fair
Author: Donald Crews
Publisher: Greenwillow Books

Night at the Fair is a simple story with outstanding pictures byDonald Crews.  He is able to capture the lights, excitement and chaos of a traveling fair at night.  He truly gives you an amazing look at the fair from the top of the ferris wheel at the end of the book.  Make sure to check out page 7 (shown here in the 5th picture) where Donald Crews draws himself into the crowd.  This book is a wonderful summer time treat!