September 2007

Scituate Lib

 I will be at Scituate’s Annual Family Fun Day at 11:00am.  Come out and enjoy a great time!  If it does rain we will be indoors - but if the sun is out - then we will have a great time outside!  Come one, come all!  Other performers include Mama Steph, the Great Scott, Jack Gillman’s Family Cabaret and Gary the Silent Clown!  For more info click here!  See you tomorrow!

If you are unable to catch me here - I will also be at the James Library in Norwell at 1:00pm.


South Yarmouth Library’s website now has some un-edited pictures up of the performance from Sunday.  You can check them out here and here. 


The weekends are packed in September!  I started Saturday in Quincy where a room full of infants to preschoolers came and laughed along with the dog puppets and met with Alligator.  I then went to Herring Brook Preschool in Scituate where they were having their annual Hullabaloo.  The crowd braved the heat for a while to listen to Abiyoyo and see my puppets. 

Sunday I went to South Yarmouth to invite the crowds back for Sundays!  The South Yarmouth Library is now open on Sunday - and they were treated to “The Scared Crow” and “The Sleep-over” - some of my favorite stories from my “Not so Scary” Tall Tales.

Title: Pumpkin Circle: The Story of a Garden
Author: George Levenson
Publisher: Tricycle Press

I love Pumpkins. I love the fall - but I think it’s mostly due to the fact that I love Pumpkins so much. This book is amazing. It not only shows how pumpkins grow but also that there are many different kinds of pumpkins and how pumpkins are in a never ending circle of life! The pictures are absolutely breathtaking (check some of them out here).  I am not alone in my love for this book.  Check out their website with links to buying the video.
I love pumpkins so much that on my trip to the Sculptured Rocks Natural Area in New Hampshire this past weekend - we passed a farm stand with pumpkins already out - and I brought one home. Okay, two, but my wife and I gave one away already. Everyone should have a pumpkin. And everyone should own this book!