October 2007

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On Thursday of last week I ventured to Eastham to do my “Scary (but not too scary) Tall Tales” for the Elementary aged children there.  It was a blast.  That’s the only way I can describe the show.  The children were so ready to have a good time and laughed their way through most of the show - except for when I told Timmy - when it was silent in the room with the kids on the edge of their seats, even though they were sitting on the floor.  Olivia, my wife took the pictures so a big thank you goes out to her!

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I’ve been so busy recently that I have hardly any time to post the new pictures from some really fun and hilarious shows.  In Hull I had a whole slew of energetic children excited to see Charlie and Edgar, Alligator and sing “Father Frankenstein” with me.  Good luck to you, Joan, in the move to the new building.  See you soon. 

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I started my day Saturday in Reading doing a show for the Montessori School’s Halloween party.  It’s great to see all of the costumes the kids dressed up in this year.  c+eThe laughter from the kids made me laugh as I was telling “The Sleepover” with Charlie and Edgar.  They heard “The Scared Crow” and also danced along to “Father Frankenstein”.  Then I was off to Marshfield where many, many people Crowd shotwere waiting to hear all the Scary, but not too Scary stories.  Alot of famialar faces were sitting in the audience, which I love to see.  There, in addition to the stories, we all used our imaginations and pretended we were the leaves that are just now starting to change colors.  The children also showed me just how scary they can be as we all practiced our “Boo!” voices for Halloween.  Hope everyone in Marshfield has a very safe and fun Halloween!

Pumpkins: A Story for a Field

Title: Pumpkins
Author: Mary Lyn Ray
Publisher: Voyager Books

Anyone who knows me - knows my love of Pumpkins.  That’s why this is the second month in a row to feature a Pumpkin themed book!  If I had to choose between Pumpkin Circle and this - I would choose this one.  It’s a simple story of a man and a field and the great lengths the man goes to to keep his field just the way it is.  This is a perfect book for a classroom - I suggest the book for Kindergarten to 3rd grade. 


The ride from Harwich to Belchertown was a long one - but at least it was worth it as many of the community kids came to enjoy the shows I did.  I started with a younger show - 0-4 years old - and then Kindergarten and older came to enjoy!  The kids have fun pretending they were fall leaves and then jumping into an imaginary pile of them, they enjoyed Edgar and Uncle Charlie’s stories and The Scared Crow, Timmy, Nathaniel Willy… boy it was a wild time!  Thank you to Jennifer Whitehead who took the pictures.

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