November 2007

Just hoping that everyone’s Thanksgiving is a great one!  Get stuffed!  Not you Turkey…

eastham yay

There is now a video page that you can go to and see Big Ryan in action!  Check it out!  There are only 2 up at the moment but I am working on getting some more and also trying to get a video out this year - I will keep everyone posted!

Taunton l

Please come join me tomorrow at 11:00am ant the Taunton Public Library.  For some reason I had the wrong time on the Upcoming Shows Page listed at 10:00am - but as you see on Taunton’s website - right here - that the show is actually at 11:00am - sorry for the confusion and I will see you there tomorrow!

A Special Kind of Love

Title: A Special Kind of Love
Author: Stephen Michael King
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

This sweet book is “November’s Book of the Month” in honor of my father whose birthday is a little later this month.  I think this story is very important in part that the father in this book has trouble telling his son he that he loves him.  Then, with many strange looks from the people who surrounded them, he finds a very special way to tell his son “I love you.”  I discovered this book thanks to the Plymouth Library Children’s Department who has let me spend hours there reading.  Now I pass this book onto you.  Get it and enjoy!