March 2008

Kiskadee Coffee 

Great news for everyone!  After an exhausting search for the perfect place to hold Building Stories, Kiskadee Coffee Company (18 Main St, Downtown Plymouth) has agreed to sponsor this program!  Alot of friends expressed interest in the Children’s Workshop “Building Stories” that I am hosting this summer.  Just a reminder - you must register to be part of the workshop, and NO - you do NOT have to be a Plymouth resident to partake in “Building Stories”:

Summer Events 2008:

Big Ryan’s Tall Tales Presents: Building Stories Workshops

“Building stories” are exciting, brand new workshops designed by Big Ryan to nurture and showcase your child’s natural ability to tell stories. Great for children who have a wild imagination – even better for children who have difficulties using their imagination – Big Ryan’s workshop exercises their brains and lets them have fun in the process! Taking place 4 Saturdays over the summer, each week we will develop better skills as storytellers and then the children will have the opportunity to showcase their storytelling abilities for families and friends in a “Story-fest” the following Sunday.

Two age groups are available:

August Session

 ( 11:00am-12:00pm, Ages 5-7)

 (1:00pm-2:00pm, Ages 8-11)

August 2nd

August 9th

August 16th

August 23rd

Story-fest: August 24th

To ensure that each child gets the personal attention he/she needs: Each session will enroll only 12 children each!

Enrollment in the four-week session is $45.00. The children will gather for one hour each week par-taking in some storytelling exercises. Then, Big Ryan will spend time with each child individually crafting their very own tale which they will have the opportunity to showcase at the Story-fest!

Thanks for everyone who has asked questions and showed interest. If you have any questions or would like to register please feel free to call me at 508 641 5336 or email me at I look forward to hearing from everyone! This will be so much fun!

The only real difference between the two puppets, as you can see, is the color.  Charlie is a bit less white - the new Charlie is almost blinding white!

new charlie old charlie

But the difference is harder to notice in Max.  Max I think held up very well over the years. 

new max old max

The hardest part is breaking the new puppets in.  I brought them to the show this morning.  It was a bit uncomfortable - their mouths don’t move as fluidly, yet, and even trying to make them talk right was a bit of a challenge.  I’m sure they will work out fine, but right now it’s just new and still, a little sad.  Please send any inquiries about giving my older puppets a good home to  Thanks - Big Ryan 


The Taunton Library was a blast!  I love it when I see some new faces in a crowd of familiar ones!  What a great group joined me in Taunton to hear some funny stories and see some of my other beautiful puppets.  Charlie and Max also made their final appearences this weekend, as these puppets are being forced into retirement.  Like I said in the last post - if you are interested in giving some still very nice looking puppets a home then you can email me at 



Then, I met with a wonderful crowd at the Brooks Free Library.  An afternoon of silly stroies and Big Ryan fun were had by all!  I also arrived at the library early enough to do a Incredible Hulk Floor Puzzle before the show:



Thanks to everyone who came out this past Saturday!  I always enjoy Harwich, there’s a great mexican restaurant that I visit almost everytime I go.  I can’t wait for the summer though… Even I am getting a little tired of the weather!


max and charlie 

The beautiful puppets I use are amazing.  I don’t even need a theater to conceal myself - when I bring out the puppets all eyes are on them!  But after 8 wonderful years of telling stories with them it has finally happened.  I need to replace them.  I need to get new “friends”, and even though they are just puppets, it’s still a little sad.  It’s like they have a personality of their very own.  But I know I need new puppets…

During one storytelling, as I brought out the dog puppets, Edgar, the little black puppy, shook his head and all of a sudden his eye popped off!  It went bouncing across the floor and landed right in front of a little girl who picked it up and just held onto it until the story was done.  After I put Edgar and Uncle Charlie down I walked over and the little girl handed me the eye.  But, I’m telling you, that could’ve gone a lot worse!

If anyone is interested in what company makes the puppets that I use, or would like to buy some of them themselves - you can go to - great puppets that last a long time even after constant use!  And I am living proof!

Lastly, if any school, library, or fan is interested in my taking my old puppets off my hands please email me at - Thanks, Big Ryan 

nh hat trick 

Last Friday, I went to the Greenfield Elementary to tell stories for the entire school (Pre-school - 4th Grade).  What a welcoming school and even better, a group of children that were both a great audience and an energetic crowd!  I had so much fun sharing stories like “Sarah’s Surprise” and they got to meet Wolf and Moose!  It was a wonderful experience and some nice scenery as I was driving North. 

wolf and moose in nh

nh crowd shot

Thank you so much to the Greenfield Elementary for inviting me up to tell some funny stories and I hope you had as much fun as I did!

Title: The Salamander Room
Author: Anne Mazer
Publisher: Random House, Inc.

First off, let me appologize, I know I am a little late in getting the book of the month up.  But this book is worth the wait!  The Salamander Room is a sweet story about a little boy who finds a salamander in the woods and then does his best to explain to his mother why he should keep him.  You really lose yourself in the boy’s world as he explains how he’s going to transform his room into a place fit for a salamander.  By the end of the book you find yourself wanting to go outside and search under logs and rocks for a salamander of your very own!  Anne Mazer does a sensational job of creating this perfectly woven tale about a boys love for the outside - and his plans to bring it indoors with him!


Quite a busy day.  Saturday had me running between the Hanover Library at 10:00AM where a large group of children and their parents came to hear some funny stories.  One little girl there so wanted to see the dogs - but liked seeing Wolf and Moose just as much!

norwell 1

Then, it was off to Norwell Library where another big group was waiting to hear stories!  I told some different stories to keep it interesting for myself :)  I saw quite a few people I knew and even some friends who were at the Boy Scout Meeting that I told stories at the prior evening.  Thanks to them for coming again!


And Lastly, I stopped off to tell stories to the families at the Marshfield Yacht Club.  A nice group of friends that remembered me from years before came again to laugh their way through “Sarah’s Surprise” - a story from The Kid Inside CD.