April 2008


I have this song called “The Fishing Song” - and it’s all about teaching kids to recycle.  Well, during the song I ask the kids what we should do with all of the trash that we find.  One of the items is a bottle.  A regular old water bottle.  I asked what we should do with that bottle to which one little girl replied:

“Bring it to the machine and they turn it into a nickel!”

This little girl thought that when you put the bottle into the recycling machine - the machine, in turn, turns the bottle into a nickel and then gives it back to you.  How great would a machine like that be?

pace show danxcing 

overhead paxce shot

What a great time I had on Saturday!  Two great shows in the morning had two great audiences.  I pulled out all the stops for these shows and had almost every puppet I had with me there to tell a story!

puppets in the air

 Nothing was better than the laughs that came out of the families there - cracking up over the fun things that were going on.  The best groups so far in my many years of doing shows for PACE and I thank them for inviting me to be part of the celebration again!

crowd polar bear

omj groton 

I was in Groton Friday with a enthusiastic crowd of little ones.  As the pictures show - even though it was pretty early in the morning - all of the kids were excited and energetic.  They were treated to hearing my favorite Bill Harley tune “Sitting Down to Eat” and then “George and the Ants”.  I also brought out Alligator and Charlie and Edgar made an appearance as well!  The morning was full of surprises and fun!

alligator gronton

Congratulations to the Librarian (who couldn’t be there) for the new addition to her family! 

chatrlie and edgar at groton

Title: Rabbits and Raindrops
Author: Jim Arnosky
Publisher: Puffin Pictures

Rabbits and Raindrops is a really great story about a family of rabbits and what they do when the sky opens up and releases rain upon us!  The art is really fun and a great art project that can go along with this book is:  Take a Rabbit shape cut out of cardboard, a white crayon, white paper and blue water color.  Have the children trace the rabbit shape on the white paper with a white crayon.  Then have the children lightly water color the blue paint over it.  Since the crayon is waxy the water color will roll right off!  The Rabbit will appear as if by magic!  Really, try it!