June 2008

juggling head 

I really fun crowd joined me yesterday where they heard “Morphing Beans” and had Edgar and Charlie tell them a very funny story called “Lost Bone”  Also, my wife, Olivia caught some of the best pictures and the top one is one of my favorites.  The zoo has hosted a few shows of mine and I always enjoy going to parks and pulic venues to tell my stories - but the Buttonwood Zoo has to be one of my favorites!

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fa dancing

blanding 1 

We celebrated the Summer Solstice in Rehoboth with a great pajama party!  A nice crowd showed and we had a great time hearing “George and the Loose Tooth” and Wolf & Moose’ “Can’t Believe Everything You Read”.  We also did the Popsicle song where the “crazy” flavors that the kids came up with were “Wild Cheery, Wild Banana, Wild Peach and Cherry Rootbeer”  Not so crazy, right?  That’s okay - the last child I called on had a crazy flavor of “Garlic and Onion.”

What a great time it was!  The best part was that some of the people attending remembered my performance from 2 years ago!  It’s always nice to hear that people enjoyed the show so much that it syicks with them through the years…

Blanding 2

Kiskadee Coffee

Great news for everyone! After an exhausting search for the perfect place to hold Building Stories, Kiskadee Coffee Company (18 Main St, Downtown Plymouth) has agreed to sponsor this program! Alot of friends expressed interest in the Children’s Workshop “Building Stories” that I am hosting this summer. Just a reminder - you must register to be part of the workshop, and NO - you do NOT have to be a Plymouth resident to partake in “Building Stories”:

Summer Events 2008:

Big Ryan’s Tall Tales Presents: Building Stories Workshops

“Building stories” are exciting, brand new workshops designed by Big Ryan to nurture and showcase your child’s natural ability to tell stories. Great for children who have a wild imagination – even better for children who have difficulties using their imagination – Big Ryan’s workshop exercises their brains and lets them have fun in the process! Taking place 4 Saturdays over the summer, each week we will develop better skills as storytellers and then the children will have the opportunity to showcase their storytelling abilities for families and friends in a “Story-fest” the following Sunday.

Two age groups are available:

August Session

( 11:00am-12:00pm, Ages 5-7)

(1:00pm-2:00pm, Ages 8-11)

August 2nd

August 9th

August 16th

August 23rd

Story-fest: August 24th

To ensure that each child gets the personal attention he/she needs: Each session will enroll only 12 children each!

Enrollment in the four-week session is $45.00. The children will gather for one hour each week par-taking in some storytelling exercises. Then, Big Ryan will spend time with each child individually crafting their very own tale which they will have the opportunity to showcase at the Story-fest!

Thanks for everyone who has asked questions and showed interest. If you have any questions or would like to register please feel free to call me at 508 641 5336 or email me at ryanstalltales@hotmail.com I look forward to hearing from everyone! This will be so much fun!


My friend Matt has daughters named Molly and Maeve.  I just performed for two different sister’s birthday- coincidently named Molly and Maeve!  When my friend Matt told his daughters that I met two other little girls with their names, Molly said to Maeve:

“Maeve is a very common name.”

My summer weeks are becoming increasingly full.  I still have a few August dates left but every morning in month of July is completely booked, which is really great!  There are a few afternoons in July free - so please don’t hesitate if you’d like to fit a Big Ryan storytelling in!  Can’t wait to visit everyone and tell my summer tales! 

Please check the Upcoming Shows page to see when I will be in your area.

wislow house

The Winslow House will be sponsoring Big Ryan’s Tall Tales at the end of the month - on June 27th! - at 10:00am.  Please come and enjoy Big Ryan at this beautiful Marshfield landmark and stay to enjoy this Historic Museum.  Click on the pic above to be directed to the Winslow House website.

I see that the website has the wrong date at this time - I have called and let the Director know.  So if you want to come and see Big Ryan please come on the date above!  See you there!

huge frog 

I had to go into Federal Court yesterday as I was sequestered for Jury Duty.  But, alas, I was not chosen for a case and was sent home.  That’s very good news for everyone who kept their scheduled dates with me - and I thank you for not cancelling! - I will see you at our scheduled dates and times.  As for the picture…

As I was cleaning the yard today I came across the biggest frog I have ever seen in my yard.  He’s HUGE!  I had to show you… here’s a closer look:

huge frog II

Huge Frog III

Title: Incredible Hulk: Ground Zero
Author: Peter David
Publisher: Marvel Comics

I thought I would show you something a little different this month!  One of my favorite comics and since the Incredible Hulk movie is being released on the 13th of June I thought it’s appropriate to showcase it this month.  Peter David wrote the Incredible Hulk for an outstanding 12 years and this is one of my favorite stories!  Check this out today!