July 2008

Natick collection sign

Big Ryan with Microphone necklace

I am telling you Natick has a beautiful mall.  It really is gorgeous.  I don’t even want to shop there - I just want to move in and sleep there.  But anyways, I was telling stories today by the Pool with a nice crowd of giggling children.  They heard stories with Wolf and Moose and met with Alligator! Thanks to everyone who came today!

BR and friends

BR with his cool hat on


I cannot wait for this Saturday - at 3:30pm - at the Southwick Zoo in Mendon, MA, I will be there telling stories right near the beautiuful White Rhino (the only White Rhino in MA).  I hope to see you all there - check out the Zoo’s website by clicking the Rhino above!

Hopkington Library

I was at the beautiful Hopkington Library this past Thursday - right in the center of the town, where there is quite a few great cafes to check out.  The crowd that showed up at the library was a wide-aged range crowd that enjoyed and laughed their way through the show.  Normally I just tell one story - but this crowd was so great I told “Morphing Beans” after they enjoyed “George and the Ants” so much!  Thank you to the Librarian who took all of the pictures!

Hpokington Lib


Norfolk Library Sign

Well, what an eventful week!  I not only had my hard drive crash (which is why I haven’t been able to post anything as of late) but I also had my car in the shop for a few days.  Almost $2000 later I am finally getting things back to normal.  Mostly.  I also just got back from a trip to New York - I will post a few pics when I get a chance.  But before I do I wanted to tell you ablout some of the GREAT shows that I have been doing this past 2 weeks.  Norfolk Library gave me quite the scare where the first people to show up for the 3:00pm show came at 2:54pm.  And then the rest of the crowd came in at 2:59pm!  A nice big crowd heard “Morphing Beans” and had some great ideas for the Popsicle Song.  This here is a photo of the Book Chair that is in the lobby of the library.

Book Chair

Then, a few days later, I had the pleasure of joining the crowd at the Eldredge Library - where a family of three came over to introduce themselves as the family from Texas that bought the CD’s a while back - I was so honored that they not only remembered me but wanted to come back and take time out of their vacations to come and my show again!

Eld Libr

jugg Eld

El Library Cha

Lastly, I joined the crowd at the Hingham Library and ended my very busy day - and week with a great group of fans who came up to me at the end of the show to tell me their favorite flavor of Popsicle - from the Popsicle Song, of course!

I would post pics of this show - but unfortunately my computer is so new - I’m having a hard time uploading photos - so wish me luck for the next post!


 taber lib 2

 taber lib

I have been quite busy - and it’s only Tuesday!  I was greeted with quite a lot of wonderful fans and excited children who wanted to hear “Morphing Beans” and see Edgar and Charlie, my ever faithful doggy puppets.  The Elizabeth Taber Library had a nice crowd who stayed cool inside the children’s room.

holmes lib

It was nice to see the crowd at the Holmes Library come back again and again!  And a quick thank you goes to the librarian who sent me a quick thank you note through email!  So thank you for your thank you!  What a great group of people that was there to hear the stories!

plymouth lib

Last, but certainly not least, I was in Plymouth today and had a crowd that was absolutley perfect!  A huge crowd - but not overwhelming - that listened so nicely!  Even with close to 200 people there it was so quiet with listening families!  It’s one of my favorite shows of the year!  But I’m a little bias - it is my hometown!


Enterprise 1

This here is the COVER to the latest Enterprise!  Yes, that is me, I made the cover!  That was a pretty nice surprise.  If you want to see the article just click on the image above to go to the website.  The picture is of me doing my storytelling thing!  It was taken on Thursday night at the Raynham Public Library.  The crowd there was wonderful and heard “Morphing Beans” and “Can’t Sleep” with Edgar and Charlie.  The headline next to my pictuire has nothing to do with me.  Honest…

Enterprise 2


While I was waiting to go into a show, as the crowd was arriving, a brother and sister came in to the Library.  The sister picked up one of the flyers that promoted my show.  She said aloud “Big Ryan will share his stories and his puppets!  See!  I told you he has puppets!  You owe me a million dollars!”

To which the brother shot back “No!  I said a quarter, not a million dollars!”

Man, that’s quite a difference.

Sandwich board sign

Nothing says WELCOME more than a sandwich board that has your name on it!  The sign was great and the crowd was even better!  A nice diversely aged group met together at 11:00am to hear “Nathaniel Willy” and “Lost Bone” with Edgar and Charlie.

E+Charlie Rowley

And, like clockwork, Alligator showed up at the end to bring everyone a little joy!  Overall, it was a wonderful trip to Rowley.  A long one, but a worthwhile one at that!

alligator rowley

weymouth 1

weymouth 2 

What a great show Thursday’s storytelling was!  A very diverse crowd of children came and enjoyed the Big Ryan original “Morphing Beans” and they saw Edgar and Charlie share their story “Lost Bone”. 

Edgar in Weymouth

weymouth song

“Hi, My Name is Joe” got the kids up and dancing and was a lot of fun!  Everyone seemed to be excited to laugh their way through it!  Then I brough the juggling balls out and we ended with the “Fishing Song”  I can’t wait to go back in August!  Hope to see a lot of you return!  I promise a different story and to bring back the funny! 



Everyone have a safe and delicious 4th!  Eats lots and then play softball - that’s what I am planning on doing!

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