August 2008

George and the leaves 

Now that summer is winding down (ugh, that’s so sad - this summer went so fast!) I am scheduling for the Fall.  Back to school shows as well as Fall themed shows with Imagination Trips about being an Autumn leaf - and of course the “Scary, but not too scary, Tall Tales for Children” which has a been a huge hit year after year!

I love September - I love pumpkins - I love the crisp, cool air in the Autumn mornings, but most of all I love the stories I tell in the Fall most of all!  Call (508) 641 5336 - or email me - to schedule a Fall show today! 


Lee Parker let me know that the show I did in May is up on their site - complete with a really great slideshow (accompanied by a Big Ryan classic song!)  Click on the picture above see it!

Southbridge Library 

I didn’t get any pics in the Jacob Edwards - but I did take this - a pic of what I was confronted with when I walked out of the library!  It’s like the face-off of the Scions!  I wonder if this person even realized just how funny this was.  Or was it just kind of funny to me?

The face off of the Scions!

While it was a looooong drive to Southbridge for this show, it was definitely worth it.  What an enthusiastic crowd joined me - and even better - the Librarian told me that it was many of the patrons that had asked if she would have me back.  Nothing is nicer to hear than people liking my show so much they want me to come and tell more stories!

Funny Face Big Ryan

 Then, follow me to Somerset where the wonderful Librarian was nice enough to take a few photos for me - including one of me before the show with the crowd.  Both of the crowds were great - and the Somerset Library was exciting because it was the first time I was there.  It’s always nice to see new places and new faces - although, I have to admit, I am quite pleased and honored when I see the same faces over and over at my shows.  It’s the best compliment anyone could ever give me.

Crowd Shot

w+moose in somerset


As I was entertaining at a party today I decided that I would sing “Old Man Johnson”.  It’s a Big Ryan original music and movement song where, as I sing the song and dance around, the kids join in and we all have a good time.  Well, today, the kids just stared at me as I kept singing - but none of them danced along, which, as you can imagine, is pretty embarrassing. 

Then, the moment in the song where I say “He jumped and jumped, jumped and jumped, till the morning blue…”  One of the little girls looks at another and says “You like to jump.  Jump.”  The little girl says back “We’ll jump after this…”

After?!?  What was wrong with jumping at the appropriate time in the song.  Apparently they were having too much fun watching me do it.  They didn’t want to miss anything. :P

 BRTT Tufts

W+M Tufts

The Tufts Library was filled to the rafters tonight with a great crowd of children of all ages.  And everyone of them were great listeners - they heard “Morphing Beans” earlier this summer so this time around they heard from those characters again in “Sarah’s Surprise”.  It’s one of the longer stories that I tell, but they sat so nicely for it!  As you can see, Wolf and Moose came out to share “Can’t Believe Everything You Read”  a funny story with a great message.  I also got to sing the “Popsicle Song” with the kids and some of their suggestions worth noting was:

  • One of the kids wanted a “dirt” popsicle
  • One wanted a “dog food” popsicle
  • A few really liked “coconut” popsicles

But it was a great show - a whole lot of fun - and I hope to return soon! 

The crowd listening

Father Abraham

Crowd afterwards

My trip to the zoo - usually a wonderful experience - was a very wet one this time around.  We left Plymouth,after the Building Stories Workshop at Kiskadee Coffee Company, to the zoo where it seemed some questionable weather arrived with us.  As we entered the zoo we were met with a WALL OF RAIN rushing right at us!  Literally, A WALL OF RAIN!  It wasn’t raining where we were standing - it was raining only a few feet away - and it was coming right at us!  We, my wife and I, tried to find shelter under a tree but with no avail.  Once we reached the Earth Building, where my show takes place, the show was going to go on - just inside - until they lost power.  I was told we are going to re-schedule and I can’t wait to go back - but what a crazy trip to the zoo it was!  I will keep you posted on when the show will be - hope to see many of you return, hopefully in much nicer weather!

Title: Whose Nose and Toes?
Author: John Butler
Publisher: Puffin Books

You might recognize John Butler’s style - his illustrations are amazing - and he’s building quite a library!  Cute and cuddly animal pictures are his forte (he can even make cows look really cute).  He has quite a few great books that you should look at on his website by clicking on his name above.  Whose Nose and Toes is a great book for infants and toddlers.  Watch their little faces light up as they turn each page and tell you what adorable animal is going to appear next.  A book that you can read over and over, each time the child will become more and more familiar with the different animals.  Look for it or order it today!!