September 2008

Sharon Library

I was visiting the Sharon Library this past Saturday and saw many of familiar faces!  It’s so nice to see many of the same people interested in hearing my tales!  This crowd was treated to one of the classics!  One of the stories that made me want to become a storyteller!  Pete Seeger’s Abiyoyo!  I will see everyone once again in October!

 Pumpkins 1

Yes, it’s not even October and I already have pumpkins.  Pumkins are one of my favorite things in this whole world and I usually end up with at least 15 before Halloween.  As you can see here I seek out every kind of pumpkin there is.  I have every color - and more!  Like this one… did you know there were light blue pumpkins?  I didn’t.

blue pumpkin

Of course my favorite is the Cindrella Pumpkins and I was sure lucky today getting one of the best Cinderella Pumpkins I have ever seen! 

 cinderella pumpkin

Here is a few close up pics of all the pumpkins - I hope you have enjoyed this September - it went really fast!

Pumpkins 2

Pumpkins 3


I thought I wouild introduce everyone to my nephew - Nicholas - who happens to love his Uncle “Big” Ryan.  What a cute kid, huh?

I will be at Macy’s this Saturday for their Shop for a Cause event!  My show starts at 11:00am in the store!  Click on the image for more info - I hope to see everyone there!

ARC Family Picnic 

I am so sorry!  I have not posted vary much at all in September!  While it is a slower month and most of my paperwork and scheduling for the year is done around this time that doesn’t mean I’m not not telling my stories!  This past weekend I spent telling my stories for the families of the ARC of Plymouth and while we didn’t have the best weather - it was still a great success - thanks to all who listened to the Scared Crow and said “Hello” to my furry little friends!

ARC Picnic 2

Title: Knock, Knock
Author: Saxton Freymann
Publisher: Dial Publishing

There are actually many Illustrators to this book. A lot of gifted artists take a stab at illustrating their favorite Knock, Knock joke. A fun book that showcases a lot of talent. Some of the best Children’s Authors of today are in this book and it is great to see how all these amazing artists can pull together to make something so special. Check this book out today!