October 2008

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween Everyone!


I was so excited to see a lot of familiar faces at the Kingston Library this evening - and some real new faces!  Like Optimus Prime and Wolverine!  I love events that allow the kids to dress up in their costumes before Halloween!  It’s so unfair that they only get to dress up just once!  This show was so fun - probably my favorite of the season!  The Scared Crow and Nathaniel Willy Scared Silly were the stories on the agenda tonight as well as the always funny “Sleep-over!”

F.F. 1

F.F. 2

Sharon October

I saw quite a few familiar faces at the Sharon Library.  I didn’t mean to make the librarian nervous - I arrived about 7 minuites before the show was to start (Lots of unexpected traffic) but the show went off without a hitch!  I can’t wait to go back in November!  Thank you to Danielle who took these great photos.  You seem to be able to capture just the right moment when I’m making the funniest faces.

What’s going on in this pic?

Then, Sunday, it was off to the Mom and Dad’s Guide Kid’s Expo in Canton.  I saw many friendly faces - Jessica, Mike the Music and Bubble Man, and even a few faces from the old WearGaurd childcare (man, I miss those guys!).  It was a great time all around and thank you to the Totplex in Canton for hosting this great event!

Big Ryan’s Table

Don’t forget - if anyone is interested in purchasing a Big Ryan’s Tall Tales storytelling CD then please go to the Shopping page.  I made this tri-fold probably close to 8 years ago.  It even has pictures from when I still had hair!  Ahhh… memories 

Totplex show

Is there something on my head?

fun with friends

I enjoyed telling stories this past Saturday to a fun group of children with the giggles.  I love to hear children laugh - and these kids were such great gigglers!  I almost couldn’t hold in the laughs myself!  They had a good time hearing Wolf and Moose and singing along with me to my friend alligator - and as you can see - all my other friends!



kids expo 

This event promises to be a whole lot of fun!  Click on the logo at the top to see all the information!  Hope to see a lot of you Big Ryan Groupies there!

Title: The Little Old Lady Who was Not Afraid of Anything
Author: Linda Williams
Publisher: Harper Collins

October brings a lot of things including some spooky tales!  But if you don’t want your child to be fleeing in terror or not able to sleep or night due to nightmares then you need to show them how NOT to be scared.  This very funny book can give your children the idea that even a little old lady isn’t scared of things in the night.  When you read the book make sure that you really have fun playing with all the different sounds and watch as your child plays along with you!  Have a great and of course safe October!