February 2009

Hanson 1

I was lucky enough to visit Hanson this past Saturday where a nice group of families came to see me and my puppets Wolf and Moose and Alligator.  I had a great time - and from how the laughter never stopped I’m going to go ahead and say that the kids had a great time too!  I had so much fun - and even learned that the librarian’s son is a writer for Marvel Comics - which makes a comic geek like me drool!

Hanson 2

Little Baby 

I am excited to announce that this summer my wife and I will be welcoming our first child!  No worries, if you have scheduled for the summer I will keep in touch - the little sprout should be here on August 2nd - but you never really know, do you? :)  My wife and I are extremley happy and the image above is the ultrasound from 13 weeks.  You can make out the head and the arm - and we saw and heard the heartbeat!  We should know the sex of the little one by early next month.  I keep you posted!

Title: CATS & DOGS
Author: Steve Jenkins
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Books

I love books that give you all sorts of interesting tid-bits. This is a great book that gives you all sorts great facts about cats and dogs. Like, for instance, did you know that when a cat wags it’s tail that means it’s upset and to leave that kitty alone?  Steve Jenkins is one of the greatest author/illustrators out there.  Another of his books made it into my Book of the Month, a great picture book called “Looking Down”.  I discovered that book on a trip to the library, a nice afternoon where I went to the library to chill and look through books and just all around relax.  The library is such a great place to relax and quietly sift through books.  If you haven’t tried an afternoon at the library - you should - it’s a great resource for any community.  Everyone should take advantage of their local library - it’s one of the nicest places on earth!

b.h. norwell

I had a grand old time telling a few tales at the Bright Horizons in Norwell on Saturday. I was fortunate enough to share that morning with Frosty - since he came out to have breakfast with the smiling kids - and then they came to hear my stories. I started with Bill Harley’s classic song “Sitting Down to Eat” and as you can tell I give it a flair all my own. I love action pics like this. See the duck up there? Almost hitting the ceiling? Then there is the pig and the elephant and the seal. Man that song is so much fun! Well, I’m off to answer more phone calls. I am booking up for the summer already - which is a little sad since it’s snowing outside. Winter hans’t even thawed and I’m already thinking about the summer time…

bh norwell 2