April 2009

The Bunny Bird

Yes, the pictures are a little blurry - but that doesn’t change the fact that this show, last Friday, was a great return to one of my favorite towns.  I had last told stories in Groveland about 2 years ago - and my return brought a nice, big crowd of kids who all giggled their way through “The Bunny Bird”.  I was so happy to meet the new Librarian - well, new to me anyways - and she made me feel so comfortable coming back.  All in all - a nice, perfect day!

W+M Grove


Today both the librarian and I were a little worried that we weren’t going to see many faces for the show.  It was a drizzly, cloudy morning and even I would have liked to stay in bed just a little bit longer!  But to my surprise we had many, many people come to see my Tall Tales!  It was wonderful, the whole room is filled to the rafters with smiling kids ready to laugh and giggle through the stories.


The Button Song!

The trip this morning was kind of nice.  It’s still a bit chilly in the morning so I like driving in the car as it gets all warm - staying dry as the rain drops cover my windshield.  It was even better when a nice ride is complimented with a fun show!  The best part of the morning though…?   I’ll admit it - it was the coffee roll and chocolate milk I stopped for on the way there!

Ready to Juggle!

Two masterpieces!

hard at work!

I had retired my Creative Arts training years ago - it was a hassle of having to drag a tote full of art supplies everywhere - but after one particular school asked for it specifically I decided to take it out of retirement!  It’s a blast enjoying Teacher’s creative skills for an evening - letting them play as much as they want - and even pushing them a bit out of their comfort zone - having them draw with their feet… and more!

drawing with her piggies!

If any school is interested in this very interactive and informative training I will be offering it for a limited time!  Please call or email me as soon as you can - (508) 641-5336 or ryanstalltales@hotmail.com  I can’t wait to see what YOUR teacher’s can come up with!

more paintings!


I like to inform people of things I have discovered on my travels.  I enjoy finding out new things.  Urban Myths are such an anomaly about our society - pieces of information that is passed person to person that is completely false.  Like my Random Knowledge #1 - that Pit bulls have a locking jaw.  Yeah, can you believe it - it’s not true!  These puppies aren’t as dangerous as people make them out to be!  I actually owned a Pit bull when I was younger, the sweetest, most docile puppy you’d ever meet.  But even after owning ”Daisy” (yes, I know, a Pit bull named Daisy?  It’s almost a shame - but I didn’t name her) I still didn’t know that the whole “locking jaw” thing was just a myth!  Well, that’s the great thing about a website - I can help my small community of friends who visit by dropping a little knowledge on them!  So here you are folks!  And, yes, I adopted my puppy from the animal shelter in Carver, MA - and while Pit bulls are beautiful dogs - let’s face it - Boxers are better!

Hulk Case 1

As I do every year - the Plymouth Library allowed me to showcase part of my Hulk collection - this time I have pieces in BOTH cases - including some very rare original art!  Check it out this whole month at the Children’s Department!

Hulk Case 2


I was singing and dancing ”The Button Factory” with a group of pre-schoolers the other day - when we finished one of the girls in the group said:

“He works in a Butt Factory?”

I said “No, no, no - button factory!  Like buttons on a shirt!”

She smiled and said back “I thought he worked in a butt factory!” 

Title: The Crocodile and the Dentist
Author: Taro Gomi
Publisher: Scholastic

This is one of my favorite books!  I love the way each character talks back to each other with the same thing!  This book can be really fun of you get really wild with the voices of each character.  I like to give the Dentist a crazy accent - it makes it fun to tell too!  Another reason I love this book so much is because it does something a lot of children’s books don’t.  It tells the truth.  It lets them know that the dentist might hurt - but that they have to be brave, that the Dentist is trying to make them better and they have to go to see him to stay healthy.