June 2009

It might be another drizzly day out there - but let’s not forget to keep of spirits up!  I’m off to New Bedford again this morning (I’m spending all week there telling my stories at various schools) and I will keep in mind what my old Camp Counselors used to say on rainy days like this.  That it’s not rain - it’s liquid sunshine!  Don’t let it stop you from having some fun!


1 - Trick or Treating, getting free candy again. :)

2 - Playing Hide and Seek, I love that game!

3 - Reading Hulk comics with her before her bedtime,

4 - Eating Oreos, best cookie in the world!

5 - Watching her play soccer

6 - Taking her to the beach to look for seashells

7 - Skipping rocks

8 - Searching for turtles at the duck pond

9 - Teaching her to ride a bike

10 - Buying and decorating pumpkins with her



Yes, Oxford is quite the drive - but after driving to Groton on Monday, Oxford seemed like nothing!  So, there was a generous group of children to hear the tales that beautiful Tuesday morning and I am happy to say - they were such a great group!  I had Charlie and Edgar come out to tell “Lost Bone” and, as always, had a wild time singing and dancing to “The Button Factory”.  I would take a 2 hour ride everyday if the audience was like this group of excited kids!




After I finished with my Kindregarten show today the teacher asked the class if they liked the show.  One of the kids responded with:

“Like it!  I wanna marry it!”

 So, I guess he liked it…

Title: Where did Daddy’s Hair go?
Author: Joe O’Connor
Publisher: Random House

I figure that this question may pop up in the near future with my daughter being born in less than 2 months.  I still have a few years to skirt around the issue - but when it does come up I’ll use this handy little children’s book!  A humorous and wonderful look at the follically challenged.  I am not alone in this, I know, but it’s always good to have a guide to go to when asked the harder questions that children ask - like, for instance, “Daddy, how come you have no hair?”