July 2009

Alex in her casts

Well, my daughter is only 2 weeks old and already needed casts on her legs!  Apparently her feet bend inwards - that would have become an issue later on in life - so they are going to fix it now and that requires casting her feet for a little while and some braces at night after that - but that’s okay - look how cute she looks with her little casts!

Alex Chillin! - Right before the casts were put on…

Alex at home

Norton 1 

I really can’t say enough about the great crowds that I have seen this summer - maybe it has something to do with the disappointing weather - but I like to think it’s because people want to see me!  I’m a little delusional that way :)

The “Oh My Gosh, That was funny!” face…

But whatever the reason - I love seeing familiar faces at my shows and I always try to do something new - Norton will be seeing me again in August, and I have to thank Lee for sending me these great pics!

Norton 3

Big Ryan by Weymouth Public Library.

I am always so impressed at the crowds that show up, ready to listen to stories - but even more impressed at how lively they are when it’s time to get up and act silly, dancing around!  These pics were taken by Amy, the librarian - and there are a bunch more posted on Flickr - click the pics to see more.  Thanks to everyone who showed up and I look forward to my return visit in August!

Hi...my name is Joe by Weymouth Public Library.

Big Ryan greets his fans by Weymouth Public Library.

Daddy’s Little Girl

Well, my wife and I certainly had a surprise this July 4th!  My daughter decided she didn’t want to wait any longer and came out a whole month early!  I have thousands of pictures and videos and will be posting more pics later but I thought you’d enjoy these for now!  My wife is doing great and was an amazing Mommy - one of the most fascinating things I have even witnessed in my life!  My daughter is also doing really well and we are already home!  Thanks to everyone who has written with well wishes!  Now I just have to try and keep up with some sleep!

Daddy and Daughter!

Make sure you have a happy and safe Independence Day - Make sure you eat lots of “hot dogs!”  I look forward to seeing everyone at the many, many libraries I will be visiting this summer!