September 2009


It’s the little things - days like this that make me so happy to do the job I do.  The little things like an email from someone - like the one I got today:

“Dear Big Ryan,
I just wanted to personally thank you for your wonderful CD’s.  My son Sammy (6 years old) listens to them every single night before he falls asleep.  Sammy has always had difficulty with bed time but since we began playing your CD’s for him, he is more than willing to stay in his bed, listen to the stories and eventually fall asleep on his own.We first saw you at our public library in Sharon and he loved your stories.  Today as I was traveling with him in the car, I heard him in the back seat reciting your stories to himself word for word.  He particularly loves the story about Sarah and Amy and the baby brother. 
So thank you for your wonderful work.  I hope you can make it back to Sharon sometime soon. 
Anat Stollman
Sammy’s mom”

Thank you Anat - for all the kind words.  You made me smile today!

Leaf Monster 2 

October brings some of the most fun, entertaining stories!  Stories that are designed to make little ones laugh and give a little scare - but nothing that will give nightmares.  Call to schedule your October shows now!  Dates go fast so don’t hesitate to call!  (508) 641 5336 :)


After a wonderfully busy Summer (and a welcome addition to my family) I have had an interesting time trying to fit everything in - and I usually keep my Upcoming Shows page updated, but, embarrassingly, I fell behind a bit - but no worries!  I have updated it and will keep it a little more present in the future! 

Also, I am scheduling for the Autumn, Winter, Holiday shows - if you would like to schedule something please call (508) 641 5336 - I will get back to you as soon as I can!

There are quite a few cute costumes at Old Navy - and I spent today having Lex try them all on… Which one do you like the best?





Kitty Cat… MEOW!

The Ladybug one came from Toys R Us…


Title: A Letter to Amy
Author: Ezra Jack Keats
Publisher: Puffin Books

The start of the school year brings lots of things - new school clothes, school supplies, the leaves change, and the weather gets colder. I love the fall. It’s my favorite thing ever. So with that I bring you a very special book called A Letter to Amy. This book feature Peter getting ready to have a birthday party. He invites all of the boys he knows - but he also wants to invite someone else - a very special guest, Amy. He writes her a special letter - but on the way to the mailbox a very unfortunate thing happens… I won’t ruin it for you but you should check it out today!

 a sleeping

I am very fortunate to be able to spend the next month or so relaxing with my daughter at home.  I have a few shows to be at - but for the most part I get to take my little girl on walks, take naps, and watch her grow for the upcoming weeks.  Everyday she seems to do something new.

I am scheduling now for the October “Scary - but not that scary” Tall Tales - call today! (508) 641 5336