October 2009

M&C at T


I know that Truro is quite the ride - but I have to say - I enjoy making the ride every time I am invited to tell stories there!  The library is such a clam, quiet place, well, until I get there :)  But even better - the kids that come to hear the stories are always an exceptional crowd - fun and energetic!

 dancing at t

The Scary - but not too scary - Tall Tales were really fun to tell - I love the reaction that the Scarecrow gets when he finally learns how to scare the bunny away - and watching the kids at the end of that story is priceless!

more fun at truro


 Pretty Fall Girl

Here is pretty girl all set for the crisp weather that lie ahead.  I like the word Autumn rather than Fall.  But we had fun this past Friday playing dress up - in fact here she is with her Hulk fists on…

Alexandra Banner

My friend Joanna’s cat is sick.  He is going to be put to sleep tomorrow.  It’s even harder knowing I was the one who gave her the kitty.  He was a great cat - friendly and gentle.  He will be missed… a lot.  Goodbye Manny.

Title: Winnie the Pooh
Author: A.A. Milne
Publisher: Penguin Group

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet a group of Home Visitors today - and talk children’s literature with them.  I love talking books with other people who share that passion.  It had me thinking of some of the classics - and a scene in particular from the movie ”Beautiful Girls” where Timothy Hutton tells the very young Natalie Portman that he can’t be her Christopher Robin.  He explains “That’s how the story ends - Christopher Robin grows up and he doesn’t need Pooh anymore.”  It’s such a sad, beautiful end to a fantastic story.  It started me thinking about all of the books I need to share with my daughter - including this treasure. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if Christopher Robin always needed Pooh?