November 2009

I was grocery shopping today when someone stopped me and asked if I was “Big Ryan”.  I told her I was and she smiled and began telling me how she was planning her husband’s 40th Birthday party.  Her daughter, who was a big fan, she said, asked if her Dad wanted to have Big Ryan come to his party. 

What a sweet thought!

Lex as a monkey!

People have given so many nice comments on the pics that I post of my beautiful daughter - so here are a few from Halloween… they are a bit late - but I’m still in the spirit!  And a gratuitous shot of the BOO on her butt!  As you can tell - we went with the monkey!  She was too freakin’ cute!  We did take her out trick or treating but she had enough after about 6 houses…

Boo on the Butt!


  • 10 - The Leaves - it has to be the single greatest thing to watch leaves turn brilliant colors and then fall out of the sky all around you… almost like a skittles commercial!
  • 9 - Hot Chocolate - It just doesn’t taste right until you can see your breath…
  • 8 - Fireplace Smell in the Air - walking around my neighborhood is such a pleasant experience right now
  • 7 - Dark Turkey Meat - I know white meat is better for you - but give me that unhealthy stuff any day of the week!
  • 6 - Apple Cider - Hot Chocolate is not the warm beverage of choice around this time!
  • 5 - Scary Movies - I am a movie buff - but I wait all year until it gets dark so early to watch the scary stuff!  Love it!  My favorite?  The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre…
  • 4 - Warm Hats - Yes, hats are almost essential at this time to cover my bald head - but I love the warm feeling I get when I put one on!
  • 3 - T.V. Specials - they come on T.V. and my DVR fills up very fast!
  • 2 - Holiday Decorations - I know people say they come out too quickly in the stores - but I embrace it!  I mean, you can’t stop it, right?  So when I see the Holiday decorations appear - my heart skips a few beats!
  • 1 - Eggs - Eggs?  Yes, eggs!  Nothing better when the weather gets colder to have hot breakfasts!  Eggs, toast and tea!

Title: Actual Size
Author: Steve Jenkins
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin

I was reminded of this book this past week by a friend who told me that, after I recommended this book to her for her son, she read it all the time to him. He loves the pictures and how each page has something large, cool, and sometimes scary! Jenkins illustrations are perfect to capture any kids imagination - make sure that you check out his webpage by clicking on his name above. He has a website that helps journey through his books in a new, magical way!