December 2009

2010 is shaping up to be a busy year already!  For all of you who are awaiting a call back from me - I will try to get in touch with you this week - but rest assured you are on my list of people to call!  Can’t wait for the new year to start!  Hope the holidays were fun and not too hectic for everyone.  Lex had a very merry - she received a TON of new clothes and a glow worm!  I will be going to Sharon this week, so I hope to see lots of friends there ready to laugh!  Enjoy school vacation!

 lex xmas

My daughter is all set for the holidays - she’s a little stuffy - but too adorable!  And getting cuter - is that possible?  Anyways, I’m staying busy - very busy, adding shows everyday and trying to keep the Upcoming Shows updated.  Hope everyone is doing well - and staying warm!

lex holding her head up

Raise Your Hands!

I have updates the Upcoming Shows page - many people have been calling about scheduling shows in December still, not to mention the new year!  I will be making sure I update the page a lot more to try and keep people who are looking to schedule a show informed on what dates are still available!  Thanks for the continued support and look forward to the shows in 2010!

Title: Every Autumn Comes the Bear
Author: Jim Arnosky
Publisher: Putnam Publishing Group

This book is actually a perfect winter time book - even though it says autumn in the title - this book follows a bear as he gets ready for his winter slumber.  I love every picture and every word in this book - it’s a gem that should be in every one’s library.  Jim Arnosky has written two of my very favorite books - but this one tops the list.  Check it out today