January 2010

Lexi sitting all cute! 

A few shots of my little girl - the first, she is sitting in our laundry basket - and the other is one night we decide to let her feed herself some peaches… which was way too cute!

Playing with Peaches!

family reading night

Hello All! I, Big Ryan, am feeling much better - have been suffering through the flu for the past few days - but today I am back to 100% and had a fantastic show at the Carver Library this morning. The other news I have is that the Family Reading Night that was on my Upcoming Shows Page for tonight has been rescheduled for FEBRUARY 4TH at South Elementary, Plymouth! I hope you all can make it and will promise to have something special planned for the families who attend!

I have a few times left for February vacation (Feb 15th - 19th) Monday and Friday afternoon - so if you are interested please call ASAP!  I’ve updated the UPCOMING SHOWS PAGE again - and staying nice and busy!  I look forward to seeing everyone in any of the future shows!

Title: Yo! Yes?
Author: Chris Raschka
Publisher: Schoolastic

I almost forgot to post a new book!  That would have been a shame! This is one of those simple, but wonderful books that really benefit when you use voices for the 2 different characters. It’s a conversation between 2 young kids - one looking for a friend - the other offering his services! It’s funny and captures a great moment between 2 children.


I have updated the Upcoming Shows Page - make sure you check it out!  As always, the shows in red are open to the public - if I’m in your area, make it to a show!  I love seeing familiar faces!

Pembroke Library

Today’s show - the first show of the year - was a fantastic time!  I told “Sarah’s Little Brother” and had Wolf and Moose come out and tell “Treat 4 Bear”.  Thanks to all who came out in the cold and the snow - even though I love this weather I know there are some who do not.

pembroke 2

The great things about story times in the winter is the excitement level in the kids - who, for the most part, do not get to play outside as much in the winter due to the frigid temperature.  So I made sure to do “Old Man Johnson” and got a lot of the wiggles out!

pembroke 3

 Lex loves the Hulk

I like having a little girl - because I get to dress her up any way I want!  Here she is with her favorite onsie!  As you can tell by her expression!

Lex Hulk 2

new year Pictures, Images and Photos

I hope everyone is having a safe and certainly happy New Year!  Lex did not make it ’till midnight - in fact she didn’t make it until 9:00pm.  Which is a good thing!  See you in the 2010!