March 2010

family reading night

I will see all who have signed up for Family Reading Night at Mt. Pleasant tomorrow!  I still have quite a fondness for that school and remember my very short time as a teacher there.  I think I learned more in those few months than I did in any other school I worked at ever!  I loved the Teacher I worked with - who I will be seeing next month!

lex! smurf!

Here a few shots of my little girl in her room - with her Smurfs.  And of course her I love Daddy onesie!

smurffette lex


Here is my beautiful wife holding our daughter - who was wishing everyone a Happy Valentines Day.  It may be a little late - but I, and they, still hope it was a happy one!

Title: My Daddy Snores
Author: Nancy Rothstein
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.

I love books that send a message - but sometimes you just want a silly book that makes you laugh.  This is certainly one of them!  See what the poor woman does - who is married to someone who snores like a train, a tea pot, and earthquake and more!  I also really enjoyed the Author’s website - visit it by clicking on the name above!