April 2010

ppek-a-boo lex

I can’t wait for this bugger to start crawling! But every day she does something new - and the other day, she started playing peek-a-boo with me!

too cute!


I was going through the pics from last weeks Early Childhood Fairs - and I found a few that I thought I’d share with you!

Lex at the Fair!

My little girl has made it to a few of my shows - and seems to really enjoy them!  I was also at the Kid’s Expo at the Jungle Plex in Plymouth later that afternoon!

Kid’s Expo!

Where Lex had her first ride on a slide!

Lex on the slide!

Make sure you check out Healthy Kid’s Day at the YMCA in W. Barnstable!  Should be a great day of events!  I will be there at 1:00 to share my stories - hope to see some Big Ryan fans there!


Make sure you make it to one of the children’s fairs that Big Ryan will be performing at tomorrow - here is the rundown:

  • 9:30 - Daniel Webster School’s Wellness Fair, Marshfield
  • 11:00 - Early Childhood Fair, Kingston Elementary
  • 3:15 - Mom and Dad’s Guide Early Childhood Fair, Jungleplex, Plymouth!

 Alex in Clovers!

Some day I will actually post her holiday pictures on the actual holiday!  But until then - here is Lex in her St. Patty’s day outfit!  Looking as adorable as ever!

I am working on getting the summer (July and August) dates on the page - but for now it is up to date!


I was in an ice cream shop - when a family came in and recognized me… well, the Mother and Father recognized me.  They said “Hey, look who’s here?” but the children looked at me and didn’t know.  Then the Mother said “Well, he has 2 hands, ten fingers… but what is missing?”

Her child shot back with “His thumbs?”

She was eluding to my puppet friends - but I thought his answer was way better!


Make sure to pull a prank or two on your loved ones!  Pranks are the best way to say “I love you!”