June 2010

 lex pretty

She kept them in for a matter of… 30 seconds.  But I did get a few shots in before she pulled them out - one of her blowing a rasberry at me.  If it wasn’t so cute I would have been offended!



I was visiting a school - celebrating thier “end of the year”.  When I sat down to start the show one of the boys in the front asked “Who is that?”

 A little girl next to him said “That’s Big Ryan, Goofy!”

Made me laugh…


I think we’re in big trouble now… Lex has just climbed her first stair.  She’s such a big girl, what happened?  Well, it’s all over now… no more baby - we just have a big girl now.

Title: Born Yesterday: The Diary of a Young Journalist
Author: James Solheim
Publisher: Philomel Books

I found this book on my recent trip to South Hadley and the Gaylord Library.  I liked the idea right away - an infant keeps a diary of the first few moments of life - and talks highly of her big sister.  Much like when I watch my daughter as she stares intently at something that has caught her attention, you would give anything to know what she is thinking.  It’s like a G version of Look Who’s Talking… I love that movie…