July 2010

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I had the distinct pleasure to visit the Falmouth Library - and I was able to see the new meeting room space - and boy is it beautiful!  I was so excited to see so many people there!  Falmouth is such a great area and I enjoy every visit - especially walking down Main St!

Falmouth 4

I was especially happy to have my cousin Jeffrey, who was visiting from California, to join me while performing “Father Abraham”.  I think he enjoyed himself too!  Here are some more shots:

Falmouth 5

Falmouth 6

Falmouth 7

I told one of my favorite stories called “The Bunny Bird” and Max and Uncle Charlie came out to get the children giggling - all around I had a great time - and I think the kids did too!

Falmouth 8


This summer’s Hingham Library show was so fantastic!  I really enjoy seeing familiar faces and knowing that they enjoy seeing my shows over and over is always a huge compliment!  I’ve been telling one of my longer - but favorite stories called “The Bunny Bird”.  One of the children told me that I did that story at his birthday party - and he said it was his favorite - he was happy that I told it!  That was nice to hear.

Father Abraham!



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big ryan at tufts

My show at the Weymouth Library was such a success - thanks to everyone who came out!  Even after all these years of telling stories there are still “Firsts” and it happened again!  After the show, when all the kids were coming up to tell me their Popsicle flavors, one of the young boys tried handing me a tip!  It was quite the honor to think I did such a good job that someone would think I deserved a tip!  Although I do not accept tips - I did think it was a very sweet thing to do.  Below is the photo where the boy has the money in his hand.  That’s the first time it ever happened - and like I said - it was unexpected, sweet and ultimately unnecessary!  But thank you anyways!

the sweet boy trying to give me a tip

Quite the crowd in Weymouth!


In June I was fortunate enough to be able to visit each of the Little People’s College’s around the New Bedford and Dartmouth areas to not just tell stories - but to do my workshop “Building Stories” - with the school age children.  This is a fun, interactive workshop that allows children, not to just enjoy stories, but actually create their own!  I had a blast - and apparently the kids did too - I was overjoyed to receive a Thank You card from the students and teachers there!  Here are a couple of pictures from the visit to one of the schools.


For anyone interested, I will be at the Winslow House this Friday - it’s always a wonderful time and one of my favorite shows all summer!  There is a $5 admission for all kids - but parents are free!  So please come for this wonderful event!  I look forward to seeing everyone there!  Click on the pic above for more information.


I was doing the “Popsicle Song” with the kids and teachers of Pre-School Playmates in Bridgewater - when one of the kids said he wanted a “letter” popsicle.

I said: “Which Letter would you like?  Which is your favorite letter?”

He raised his hand and shouted “5!”

Title: Bein’ with You This Way
Author: W. Nikola-Lisa
Publisher: Lee & Low Books, Inc.

This is one of the books that I loved bringing out in my classroom. It has a great rhythm and a fantastic message. I liked having my kids sing along with me as we talked about the differences and the similarities of people.  “Curly Hair, Straight Hair, different Mmm-Hmm - but the same Uh-Huh! How perfectly remarkably strange!”  I’m doing that from memory - so it may not be word for word - but it’s the idea…  I cannot recommend this book enough!