August 2010

Come celebrate the end of the summer reading at the library!  It will be a blast!  I promise!

bird sanctuary 1

bird feeder 

I have created a bird sanctuary in my yard.  I was pleased with it’s outcome - I have a birdbath for my feathered friends to keep cool, there are two bird houses that remain unoccupied as of yet, and a bird feeder - I am on feeder #3 (The one in the pic is now out of commission) but I will post about my war with the squirrels later - and nothing is better than waking up to the sound of birds tweeting.  It’s like I wake up in a Disney cartoon!  Although my wife doesn’t share the love of the bird sounds in the morning - she does agree it’s a nice place to sit and relax

bird houses

the plant in the sanctuary


Title: I’m still here in the bathtub
Author: Alan Katz
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books

I was given this book one year from a school I frequented monthly.  I enjoy seeing the same group of children month after month.  These are the kids who I usually get to have the most fun with.  I try out new things and practice rarely done songs and such for the kids I see on a regular basis.  The school that gave me this is no longer around - which is always sad to me - but at least I have this great book as a memento.  My favorite “silly dilly” song?  He’s got the Whole Beach in his Pants.  I find it hilarious!