September 2010


Great news for everyone! A wonderful person contacted me about holding The Building Stories workshop in the Scituate area!  Taking place at the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church (330 First Parish Rd, Scituate, MA) I have a lot of friends signed up already - but there are a few spaces left!  You do NOT have to be a Scituate resident to partake in “Building Stories”:

October Events 2010:

Big Ryan’s Tall Tales Presents: Building Stories Workshops

“Building stories” are exciting, brand new workshops designed by Big Ryan to nurture and showcase your child’s natural ability to tell stories. Great for children who have a wild imagination – even better for children who have difficulties using their imagination – Big Ryan’s workshop exercises their brains and lets them have fun in the process! Taking place 4 Saturdays in October, each week we will develop better skills as storytellers and then the children will have the opportunity to showcase their storytelling abilities for families and friends in a “Story-fest” on Sunday, October 30th!


October Session

(1:00pm-2:00pm, Ages 5-11)

October 2nd

October 9th

October 16th

October 23rd

Story-fest: October 30th

To ensure that each child gets the personal attention he/she needs: Each session will enroll only 15 children!

Enrollment in the four-week session is $45.00. The children will gather for one hour each week par-taking in some storytelling exercises. Then, Big Ryan will spend time with each child individually crafting their very own tale which they will have the opportunity to showcase at the Story-fest!

Thanks for everyone who has asked questions and showed interest. If you have any questions or would like to register please feel free to call me at 508 641 5336 or email me at I look forward to hearing from everyone! This will be so much fun!

Lex in the wagon

 Lex and her Granny!

Last year we tried to go apple picking with Lex - but we went too late - so this year we took the opportunity nice and early!  We took off to Acushnet this past Sunday and made a great day out of it! 

The wagon is filling up!

How adorable is she?  Answer - the most!

Now that Lex is sitting solidly by herself - we took her new favorite mode of transportation - her wagon!  She even loved hanging out in it as it filled with apples!  We were able to get every kind that they offer - Macintosh, Golden Delicious, Galla, Granny Smith - it was a fantastic trip!

Our Bounty!

I have updated the Upcoming Shows page - and while it looks a little sparse right now - that always happens in September!  It fills up pretty quickly by the end of the month!


This year has gone by so fast!  Yet, we still have more to go!  A couple more months of cooler weather is coming, as well as some of my favorite storytelling themes!  Don’t forget to book for:

Fall Themes

Scary (but not too scary) Tall Tales

and Thanksgiving!

I am also booking as far ahead as December and 2011!  Make sure you call today - I will be posting an updated schedule on the Upcoming Shows page this weekend!

 Mystic Aquarium

Mommy and Lex!

My family, on the way to New York to see my nephew get baptised, decided to stop at Mystic.  This Connecticut town is a beautiful area and has a great Aquarium.  Lex loves animals - and loves watching fish swim even more!  We’ve already taken a nice trip to Boston’s Science Museum  and we’ve been discussing taking her to the Aquarium in Boston for some time - this was sort of a test - and it was such a great success!

Lex at Mystic Pizza

We had a great day stopping to have a nice lunch at Mystic Pizza - where they filmed the 1988 Julia Roberts movie.  Lex enjoyed the French Fries and highly recommends them!  Then we walk on the boardwalk and she showed off her walking skills.  Lex is almost a full time walker now… and I have to say… I kind of miss the days of her NOT being mobile!

On the Boardwalk!

Giving Daddy big Hugs!

Title: Two Old Potatoes and Me
Author: John Coy
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers

This is one of the books I discovered while in Hyannis doing a show.  This book follows a little girl who finds some old potatoes in a cabinet.  The potatoes have started to sprout and look weird - but unlike what I usually do (which is say “gross” and then throw them away) the girl and her father plant the potatoes.  Then, they watch as the potatoes grow and provide new food!  It’s a wonderful story to share!