October 2010


As you can tell - we went another way with Lex’s costume - we opted for the home-made Wonder Woman costume.  My Mother made this for her and we feel very fortunate that Lex has such a talented Nana!

Speaking of talented - these pictures are courtesy of Lex’s other talented grandparent - her Granny!  Olivia’s Mother continues to stun us with her beautiful pictures of the most important and precious thing in our lives!

Hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween!  Remember to say Trick or Treat when you getup to the door - and o course Thank You when you get your treat!  

ww lex 2


Make sure you make time to come to the Kingston Library tonight!  If you need directions click on the little egg ghost above!  Hope to see a nice big crowd there!

Here comes the parade!

 The High School Band!

The Parade!

Hanover’s Woman’s Club puts on a Halloween Children’s Parade every year.  It’s an opportunity for the children of Hanover to dress up in their costumes and march down Main St to a field where they are treated to the Hanover High School band playing - and then me!

Telling My Tales

I have been doing this parade for years and I am so excited to see the parade every year - this year we were happy the weather held off… of course - just as I started my show it DID start to rain.  It was a little disappointing - but I did fit in Edgar and Uncle Charlie, one of my favorite, original fall themed stories The Scared Crow and even squeezed in Father Frankenstein!

More Stories

The Rain didn’t drive EVERYONE away!

But the rain did come and cut my show short - I did appreciate all of the people who did stay and listen to the end of the show.  Also, I’d like to thank the Hanover’s Woman’s Club for inviting me back every year - it is a wonderful organization that does a lot for the town and it’s many children!

Dancing in the Rain!

upcoming shows

Go to the Upcoming Shows page for an up to date schedule of my performances!  If you’d like to book a date for your school or library just call Big Ryan’s Tall Tales at:

(508) 641 5336

Or email me at:


Come and see me at the Mom and Dad’s guide in the Kingston Library TODAY at 12:30!  I hope to see everyone there, I promise you’ll have a grand old time with me and my puppet friends!  Come and say hello!  The fair runs from 11:00-6:00.

Hamburger! Hamburger!

 Bumble BEE!

I did this last year - and it was such a hit!  So, here we go again!  Lex tried on just the tops of the costumes - but these are on the top of the list - leave me a comment and let me know which one you like the best!


Some one call for Pizza?

Oh, really?  I thought we were BFFs…

 eaten feeder!

The New Feeder!

I thought I went all out when I bought a pretty expensive bird feeder.  In fact the feeder I purchased actually said it was Squirrel proof!  Well, apparently they haven’t met the squirrels in my yard - because the little buggers ate right through the plastic and made it impossible for the feeder to hold seed.  So, the other feeder above and below is the NEW and improved feeder!  This one seems to have the squirrels completely baffled - but it’s a bit harder for the larger birds to eat from the feeder - I guess I have to settle for that for now.

I keep both on the hook…

To confuse the squirrels!

Title: The Widow’s Broom
Author: Chirs Van Allsburg
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Books for Children

I have expressed just how much I love the books by Chris Van Allsburg. This is the book that introduced me to his amazing world. His black and white (or more grey) images really add a level of eeriness of this Beauty and the Beast inspired story.  I say Beauty and the Beast inspired - mainly because of the ending - but there is more to it than that -just like all of Van Allsburg’s books you are reading a story on a different level then anyone else.  When you read one of his stories your reaction may be different then the person sitting next to you reading over your shoulder.