January 2011

Norton 1 

Right after my show the other day one of the boys in the front said this:

“You’re my favorite!  Well, Uncle Charlie is my favorite - but you are my second favorite!”

 I am always being upstaged by him!



Here are some great shots from the crowds that I had this past Saturday.  I love telling stories to the children who come to my shows time and time again.  My favorite part is when I bring out the Alligator and the children get excited and start singing the Alligator song without me!

The crowd - listening to the story

These girls were making me laugh with thier giggles

I told “George and the Loose Tooth” at the Holmes Library - and just to keep things interesting I told “The Little Pocket Snowman” to the wonderful crowd at the Paul Pratt Memorial Library.

PPM Flyer

Max and Charlie

So, thank you to everyone who came out - and make sure if you liked what you saw that you make your way to the Scituate Library this Saturday where I will be telling more hilarious stories!

The Crowd!


 holmes lib

Alright guys, this SATURDAY I will be at the Holmes Public Library in Halifax at 11:00 - and then zooming over to Cohasset to the Paul Pratt Memorial Library for a 1:00 show (please don’t mind me if I am out of breath when I get there!)  If you are in the area please come by - it will be a blast!  Click on the images for more info!


 jan art

This is one of my favorite drawings - I mean the likeness of me is uncanny!  Maybe my ears are a bit smaller - but they are certainly my best feature.  Right behind my eyes…

Make sure you come to the Plympton Library tomorrow fora grand old time!  Puppets, songs… and - oh yeah, ME!  Starting at 11:00am - make sure you call the Library and sign up as space is VERY limited!  Can’t wait!

Follow me - I tweet, therefore I am!


Get ready!  This Saturday afternoon I will be at the Kingston Library telling my stories and having a grand old time!  I will make sure to bring my puppets, who are always a crowd favorite.  Come and join me!

With the huge amount of snow predicted to fall on our lovely part of the state my show for tomorrow has already been rescheduled for another day.  That means… SNOW DAY!  I know I am not a kid anymore - but there’s something still exciting about not going to work because snow is falling on the ground!  So - I have updated the UPCOMING SHOWS page again - I am keeping on top of it this year!  Shows are being added everyday - so make sure you call if you want a certain date!

lex lib 

I want to thank the huge crowds that showed up at the Pembroke and Hingham Libraries this past weekend - I had a blast!  I absolutely love and believe in the services that the Library provides a community.  Lex and I try to make it to our local Library at least once a week to play and read.

lex lib rolling

lex lib 2

The Plymouth Library has some awesome furniture that looks like books - and Lex loves the “lounge” chair that looks like an open book - as you can tell!  Today she had a grand time taking the doll house furniture and setting it up on one of the book shelves.

lex lib 3

Make sure you check the Upcoming Shows Page - I will be in Pembroke nice and early on Saturday for a 10:30 show - and then I will make my way over to Hingham for a 2:00 start time!  I will be bringing my puppet friends and planning on a real good time with fantastic stories for the whole family to enjoy!  I look forward to seeing everyone there!

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