February 2011

Follow me - I tweet, therefore I am!  And bonus!  I am doing Oscar Tweets!  NOW!


I will be at the Lakeville Library tomorrow at 12:00pm - I hope to see everyone there!  I promise to be really funny!


This message was left for me on my facebook from one of the parents whose child came to my show and heard “George and the Loose Tooth”

 ”Just thought you’d like to know that Adam “lost his last baby tooth” this morning!! (and “it’s invisible!”) LOL!!!”

Darn those invisible teeth!  They are so hard to find!

Mr Moose sings

My favorite part of this masterpiece made by a Bridgewater First Grader - he gets the song Mr. Moose sings, in my story entitled “You Can’t Believe Everything You Read”, down pat!  If it means anything, Thomas, that’s my favorite part of the story too!


10. Twitter - I think I am becoming addicted.

9. Friday Night/Movie Night - Olivia and I have become friends with another young couple who have a little one, just like Lex, and we have started a tradition of watching a movie every Friday night - and I am LOVING it!  So far, Memento and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

8. Longer Days - It’s still light out at 5:00pm!  Yay!

7. Mondays and Fridays - why?  Lex and I stay home together… that’s why.

6. Elmo’s Ducks - WAY better than the Elmo Song.

5. Thursday Nights - NBC Comedies and Grey’s/Private Practice… yeah, I said it!

4. Not having an iPhone - pretty self explanatory…

3. Recycling - I finally got a trash company that is green.  Loving it.

2. Puppy time at the Mall - Since I can’t have one yet - I can pretend that I do, even if it’s for only about 420 seconds.

1. 5:30pm - Which is, of course, the time my wife gets home every night.

Happy Valentines Day Pictures, Images and Photos

Hope everyone enjoys their day.  Make sure to give someone a kiss.  Real or chocolate.

library n

I wasn’t able to take any pics of the show itself - but I did take some pics that I thought would be fun to share.  First off, this is a beautiful, classic building with the most scenic views.  Getting to the front door is even an adventure!

 ice pathway

snowy stairs

You can either cross over this slippery pathway - or trudge up the stairs through all the snow!  I choose to slide myself across the pathway. But I was met with a flyer for the show as you walk into the library - and it was a quaint, sweet crowd that joined us on one of the coldest days!

brtt flyer

I will be off to Nahant tomorrow for a show at 3:00 - if anyone is near the area you should come to the library for some laughs!  Click on the image for more information!

WORD is a great child care place in Fall River and I was fortunate enough to be able to tell my tales there today - check out there facebook page where they have some great pictures and a few videos!  Click on the pic above!

 Lex making a frame

Lex and Frosty!

I always have a blast going back to places over and over - and I have done the open house for Bright Horizons in Norwell every year it’s been open!  I love the way the school is set up and the effort the staff puts toward ensuring the children will have a great time!

Having fun being a dancing fool!

Lex LOVES Charlie

My wife and Lex joined me that morning - and Lex enjoyed making a frame, meeting Frosty and exploring each classroom.  She especially enjoyed the “snow” table they had in the infant room and found a few tiny snowmen - which, as you can tell, made her crack up!

Lex cracking up!

Still has the snowmen…

It was then time for the show and I had a nice group of toddlers join me for some puppets and songs and then we went back to Frosty!  Thank you to Bright Horizons who keeps inviting me back to entertain the kids that come that morning.

Lex was proud she could climb into this…

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