March 2011


I knew I was in for trouble when I asked the question - but this is what happened today…

Today, I was in a class where one of the little girls asked how old I was when I started Big Ryan’s Tall Tales.  I said “Well, let me ask you this: How old do you think I am now?”

First answer: 63 (Ouch!)

Next answer: 50 (Wow…)

Next answer: 29 (My new best friend)

Telling my tales

Another set of Early Childhood Fair goodness this past weekend!  Scituate Library was a fantastic groups of children AND parents who had a blast!  I usually have a great time telling stories to families - but I have even more of a blast when I see the parents getting into the show as much as thier children do!  Click on the pic above for exclusive photos on my FB page - while there make sure you “Like” the page!

Edagr… strealing my hat!

Oreo Lex 

There is a right of passage for every child - and it is their first Oreo Cookie!  Lex had her first one last week, even though she didn’t finish the whole thing, I am pretty sure she loved it as I offered another the other night and she snatched it out of my hand immediately!

oreo lex 2

Me with my Pups 

I spent this past Thursday driving to the beautiful state of New Hampshire after doing a show at the wonderful Acton Discovery Museum.  I was pleasantly surprised with the fantastic crowd that showed up to Acton that morning.  We enjoyed singing and dancing around to “Father Leprechaun” in honor of St. Patrick’s day

Button Factory in Action

Then, after the show, I headed up to NH and spent the night with my Aunt - thanks for the warm bed! - and in the morning I had a blast telling the students of Greenfield Elementary School my St. Patrick’s Day story and introduced them to Edgar and Uncle Charlie.  On the way home I was able to snap a few picks of some interesting sites - I posted them on the BRTT Facebook page - which you can view by clicking here. 

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I will be entertaining at the Paul Pratt and Scituate Libraries tomorrow - make sure you come and check it out!  Also - the South Shore Community Action Council will be providing some excellent activities for the little ones to do!  Come and have a blast!  Times are as follows:

  • Paul Pratt Library: 10:00AM
  • Scituate Library: 11:30AM

I can’t stay after the shows because I have to head out to Reading MA for an afternoon show - but I look forward to seeing everyone there!

Hanover Entrance! 

I loved the show this past Saturday - the John Curtis Free Library is such a beautiful library!  And I was thrilled with the many, many families that joined us on that sunny day!  I hope everyone had as much of a blast as I did!

Button Factory

Lex did come with me but did not make it until the show… nap time loomed and she was passed out before the first song was sung.  Thanks to everyone who asked about her!  Check my facebook page for more pics!  “Like” the page while you are there!

Edgar and Uncle Charlie!


I am getting into this media stuff!  If you want to “like” my page - please visit and I will have exclusive pics just for the FB page - but here is where you will still come for BRTT news!  Anyways… FB rules!  And so does Big Ryan!  Click on the “f” above!

juggling 1

I get a lot of pictures of me juggling - and that’s good because it’s one of my favorite parts of the show too!  I wonder if anyone ever leaves my shows and tries to juggle the way that I showcase.  If so, no one has ever told me that they have…

upcoming shows 

I am trying to keep the schedule updated!  If you’d like to schedule something call me anytime at:

(508) 641 5336

or email me at:

And I will get back to you as soon as I can!

Title: Will it be a Baby Brother?
Author: Eve Bunting
Publisher: Boyds Mills Press

No - this is not my way of saying that Alexandra is expecting another sibling - it’s just my way of showing off another great Eve Bunting book.  Eve Bunting makes such sweet stories that you can share with your children and enjoy them yourselves at the same time!  I came across this sweet book at the Plymouth Library.