April 2011


Clear your calendars on this Saturday for a Big Ryan show!  I will be at the library at 1:00 and can’t wait to entertain everyone who comes!  It will be a the fantastic Whitman Public Libraryand yes, my puppies will be with me.  Maybe I will even talk my wife into bringing Lex along!


That’s right - my FB page has exclusive photos and up to the minute reminders about upcoming shows - so make sure you “Like” the page!

I will be at the Marlborough Library tomorrow at 3:30 - anyone want to go? :)


Get ready a fun time on the Cape!  I will be at the Cotuit Library at 3:00 and then making my way to the Falmouth Library at 6:00 to celebrate “Free Screen Week“. So, turn those TVs, iPods, Laptops, Computers and all others electronics off and come laugh at me! Well, come laugh at my stories…

If you are in the area of Wellesley, MA and have a little time to fill on this glorious School vacation week then stop on by the library (the main branch) in the afternoon - 3:00pm to be precise - and have a great time hearing some funny stories!  By me, of course!

BR April Art

This particular artist is one of my favorites - mainly because he gave me a generous amount of hair and some cool sunglasses!  I believe that is Mr Moose next to me - then again I can’t remember when Moose says “Come on!” in a story… so I could be wrong.  I just really appreciate the beatnik appearance he’s given me.

Big Ryan Sign

Lex - taking care of her baby at the fair

I am a bit late putting up some pics from the Kingston Fair - sorry about that!  It was a beautiful day on April 2nd - which, unfortunately, kept away the large crowds - but the people who did make it out were treated to Edgar and Uncle Charlie and Alligator - not to mention all the wonderful crafts and information brought by the organizations who came to make the morning quite a special event!

For some more pics of the event take a look at the Big Ryan Facebook Page.  While you’re there make sure to “like” the page!

The quaint crowd

Lex was watching too!

upcoming shows

Hello people!  I have now posted the summer schedule (so far) make sure you take a look and note when I am in the area - and then come and see me!  And if anyone is interested please call me at (508) 641 5336 or email me at ryanstalltales@hotmail.com

Title: Dinosaur vs The Potty
Author: Bob Shea
Publisher: Hyperion Books

While participating at the Scituate Storyfest in September I heard one of the High School student volunteers read this to the group of kids - and he was fantastic!  He was hilarious!  This book is hilarious!  He read it like an announcer at a wrestling match and it was just perfect!  Try it out yourself!


Make sure you stop by the Kingston Elementary School for the wonderful Early Childhood Fair Saturday!  Should be a blast!  I will be starting my show at 11:15am - but get there earlier to have a ton of fun!