May 2011

upcoming shows

I have updated the Upcoming Page show - so it should be up to date!  Which is what updating does… brings things up to date…


Just want to make sure everyone remembers that I will be at Perry’s Last Stand for some storytelling this Sunday at 1:00!  I will be telling stories ABOUT ice cream.  Just kidding - but they will be “cool” stories!

br in peterb 

I had a blast in N.H. where I was able to visit the Elementary School in Peterborough - and then the next day I had a blast at the Children of the Arts Festival.  My 9:30 show was packed to the rafters - and the 10:30 show had a nice group as well - I was psyched to be part of this great event!  Check out my Facebook page to see other photos - and make sure you “Like” the page while you’re there!

hot gone


I was in a school today and, as I was setting up for my show, I heard two children talking at a table littered with musical instruments.  This is what they said:

Kid 1: “Play me a song”

Kid 2: (Grabbing the Xylophone) “Alright, but hold on - I’m a bit rusty” 

Lex in hat

I think Lex is making a statement about this NE weather… it is May, isn’t it?

May Art

I do love coming up with new stories to tell with my puppets.  Nothing feels better than when a new story works - and most of the time, with each telling, the story changes just a bit until it’s perfect.  That’s why I think the kids love the puppets so much - they are short, strong stories that leave an impact.


That’s right - my FB page has exclusive photos and up to the minute reminders about upcomng shows - so make sure you “Like” the page!

Title: Ubiquitous
Author: Joyce Sidman
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Books for Children

For this very special month - the month of my Birthday! (the 28th for anyone wondering) I usually pick out a very special book - a book I really enjoy.  This book entitled Ubiquitous is amazing - to think about how old our planet is and to take a look at some of the first things to appear!  I love educational books that are beautiful to look at and fun to read.  This is an amazing book to check out.