June 2011

Plymouth Library 2011 

Sure enough I had two of the biggest shows this past Friday - and then today - we’re talking about the Plymouth Library and the Bridgewater Library!  I absolutely love seeing so many giggling faces in a sea of children!  The Plymouth show had 150+ people while the Bridgewater show had a whopping 210!  Go to my FB page to sneak a few more pics from the events - and “Like” the page while you are there!

Bridgewater Show!

And then Lex and I cooled off in our pool :)

Lex pool

I love Bridgewater!  I can’t express how much I love Bridgewater enough - but I’ll say this - if I had to live somewhere else, other than Plymouth, it would be Bridgewater.  Well, alright, it would be Paris, France - but Bridgewater would be in the top 10 30 75 150 other places.  That being said I will be in Bridgewater this week to tell stories - both tomorrow AND Wednesday!  So, make sure you come to one of the shows!  They are as follows:

Tuesday - Bridgewater Library, 2:00pm - click on the image above for more info.

Wednesday - East Bridgewater Library, 10:30am - click on the image below for more info

I look forward to the summer Plymouth Library show every year - and it’s time for it again this year!  Make sure you mark your calendars and be there early!  I start at 10:30 but the library opens at 10:00.  See you then!


Well, simply put, and just in time for Father’s Day, after my show today a little girl came up to me and said:

“You’re funnier than my Dad!”


Make sure to head over to the Norwell Library for a fantastic morning show tomorrow morning!  I will be telling one of the best summer stories ever!  Seriously - it’s the best story summer story ever.  According to me :)  Be there for 10:30 - and I will see you there!

june art

Juggling is something I cannot get away from - not that I want to - but now it is a staple in my show.  When I choose not to juggle the kids the audience ask for it.  If I run out of time - I feel bad and promise to juggle the next time.  I wonder if anyone has actually learned to juggle from my directions?  I like to think so…


I was asked back “by popular demand” to entertain at the Taunton River Festival this past Saturday.  My first show had a quaint group of great listeners who were more than happy to hear “Morphing Beans” and see Edgar and Uncle Charlie.


The next show had a whole lot more people - but Olivia wasn’t able to snap a pic - she was stuck on the playground with Lex, who refused to leave the slide.  Thank you to the Taunton group who asked me back - I had a blast and hopefully made everyone’s day a little better by making them laugh.

Lex and Daddy

We did make another stop that Saturday - at BC, where Olivia graduated from, to pick up Lex a BC sweat shirt - her first!  Check my FBpage to see more pics - and “like” the page while you’re there!

Mommy and Baby

forever young

Title: Forever Young
Author: Bob Dylan
Publisher: Ginee Seo Books

Does anyone else watch Parenthood and think it’s one of the best shows ever?  Because it is!  One of my favorite parts is the theme song - and what a treat to see that said theme song is also now a children’s book!  A fantastic, visually fun(for both adults and kids), poetic book!  I am not usually a fan of “celebrity” children’s books - but this one os worth every penny!