August 2011

 I hope everyone is staying safe and keeping indoors during Irene - I hope everyone makes it out okay.  I love rainy days - but this is a whole different situation!


I will be leaving shortly - and just for the people interested - I will be at the Eastham Community Center tonight at 6:30 telling my summer tales!  Get ready and get psyched!  Click on the image for more info!

Lex at the Zoo 

I was lucky enough to visit and entertain at one of the greatest zoos in MA - Southwick’s Zoo in Mendon.  They were having an Earth Awareness day and I am always happy and proud to be part of their celebrations!  The fantastic crowd that came to the zoo that morning were able to see Mr Wolf and Mr Moose telling their tales.

the Rhino

Lex came too, to the zoo, and was loving see all the animals - especially my favorite - the White Rhino!  The only white Rhino in the MA - so it’s pretty special.  Thanks to all who came to the zoo on Saturday morning - and I hope you enjoyed your visit!  Visit my Facebook Page to see more pics - don’t forget to like the page while you’re there!

Lex during the show


Yes, I will be at the Southwick’s Zoo - one of the best Zoos in NE - Saturday morning at 11:00 - come on over if you’d like - they are celebrating Earth Awareness!  Click on image for more info!