October 2011

I loved seeing all the costumes this past week - they were all so great!  I am taking Lex Trick or Treating this evening and I am super excited!  I hope everyone has a fantastic and SAFE Halloween!

October Show

I wish I had a camera last night - but I didn’t - the picture above is from an earlier October show I did -  so I will just say that I was pleasantly surprised with the excellent turnout for the Kingston show!  One of the best audiences ever!  Thanks for coming out!

The Not-so-Scary Dress-up

Tell everyone you know - make sure you come to my show tomorrow night at the Kingston Rec Center (across from the library) - I guarantee a great time with plenty of laughs - and a little bit of scares as well :)

As I was leaving my show today one of the little girls yelled out “Happy Halloween!” and then quickly after that “Happy Birthday!”  The little boy beside her informed her that it was not my birthday and so she added “Remember that for your birthday, okay Big Ryan?”

Don’t worry - I’ll remember ;)

Cupake Lex

I love how excited Lex is this year - and yes, she is a cupcake!  These are shots from the Halloween Extravaganza that the Plymouth Library held last week.  Remember - only one week left until the big day - I hope you are ready!

Lex and her Daddy!

cupcake festival 1

I had the unique and amazing opportunity to entertain at the Townsend Cupcake Festival sponsered by the Library.  It was absolutely fantasic - and the BEST SMELLING show I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing - make sure you click the cupcake pictures above to go to my Facebook page to check out all the cupcake entries!  While there “Like” my page!  Click below and be taken to my Twitter page - while there click to follow me!  It was blast!

cupcake festival 2


I know this seems early - it seems that way to me too - but it IS going to be that cold, blustery time of year before you know it!  One way to stay warm - is to stay inside!  And let me come to tell stories to you!  Call anytime for a show (508) 641 5336 - Big Ryan :)


Lex loves the boats at the waterfront - so I decided to take her onto the Mayflower.  She loved it… well, she loved it all except for the Pilgrims.  One of the ladies asked her why she was wearing britches like her Daddy.  And of course I dressed her in her new awesome skull shirt!  Which totally rocks!

on the boat!

She also introduced me (as Ryan) to everyone.  She had a blast though - as did I!  I especially loved watching Lex try to locate the baby on the ship.  She saw the cradle - and loved to rock it - but could not, for the life of her, find where the baby went!

Where’s the baby?

Be at the Thomas Crane Library at 10:00 for some wonderful fall stories!  Have a blast with me and my friends - make sure you bring your funny bone!

Title: How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin
Author: Margaret McNamara
Publisher: Schwartz and Wade

I love Pumpkins! I love pumpkins WAY more than anyone I know - and books about pumpkins are even better!  Books that make learning about something seem easy and fun are the best kind - and this is certainly up there with one of the best!  Check it out today - especially if you love pumpkins the way I do!