November 2011

upcoming shows

December has certainly filled up!  I will be very happily busy - and all over the place!  Now, I am just waiting on the cooler weather!  I hope everyone is taking advantage of this Sping - Like weather we’re having in MA.  I know many people are enjoying it - but I am a cold-weather kind of person… and this is just not cutting it!  Oh well, I am sure it will soon start freezing soon enough!

 Title: Chalk
Author: Bill Thomson
 Publisher: Marshall Cavendish Children

Here is another excellent example of a Librarian offering an amazing selection for my Book of the Month.  This is a creative picture book that Lex and I enjoyed while at the Plymouth Library.  Picture books are some of my favorite books out there - they are so beneficial to children - helping them use their imaginations and forcing teachers to use their’s as well!  Check this book out today - you won’t be sorry!

I will be at Kid’z Wurld in Attleboro Friday morning - I hope everyone who wants to come can make it!  Click on the image above for more info!

Crowd Shot

I will be telling my tall tales at the Whitman Public Library AGAIN tomorrow at 11:00 - please come out and check it out! It’s been so nice out - it’s perfect for coming out to hear stories! Stories that will make your little one’s giggle!

One of the things I ask to the trick-or-treaters when they come up to my door is “What is your favorite scary movie”  How much candy they get depends on how much I like the answer.  If the answer is Saw or any of the remakes as of late - they get 1 piece - but if they say a classic like Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Silver Bullet - they get a handful!

Well, one little girl answered “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”

I said “That’s not a scary movie!”

She responded back with “Have you ever been to middle school?  THAT’S scary!”

She recieved two handfuls of candy!