December 2011

I will be at the Sharon Library at 10:30 - please come by and get ready to have a blast!

Hope everyone gets to spend today with their families and has a great day!

snowball fight

Title: Snowball Fight!
Author: Jimmy Fallon
Publisher: Scholastic

I had an idea for a December book - but then I was given this great book by the wonderful people at Garden of Knowledge at the Christmas party .  Written by the very funny Jimmy Fallon - you might know him as the host of the Late Show on NBC.  Before he became the host though - he wrote this charming and hilarious look at a kid’s snow day adventure with his friends and a neighborhood wide snowball fight!

signed 1

As a special treat, everyone at the school that night signed the book and presented it to me as a gift to bring home!

signed 2

I will be at the BFL this coming Saturday at 10:30am.  I have some very special winter tales to tell - so bring the kiddos and get out of this really nice weather we’ve been having!  :)  I can promise lots of giggles!

snowy stairs

Finally the colder weather is here!  Now hopefully the snow is on the way too!