April 2012


I never went to my own prom - but I went to plenty of them… here was my favorite tuxedo out of the bunch.  This was my famous Tux shorts with Sketchers sneakers.  A classic for sure!  I think the lapels were non-existence on this tux - and as you can tell - a full shag on the dome.  Styling myself in the morning is WAY easier now :)



Lex knows how to impress with the outfits she wears to her Pre-school.  That’s right, my little girl is a pre-schooler.  I love it - but I don’t.  She’s not supposed to get so big…


 row puppets

I have had the pleasure of returning to the Rowley Library every season so far and the crowds keep on getting bigger.  I love seeing some returning faces - and even better is seeing the brand new ones in the crowd!

row fa

Rowley has quickly become one of my favorite town to visit.  The Library has a beautiful garden on the way toward the entrance - and one of the nicer meeting rooms with plenty of space for a large crowd!  I will be back in August on the 15th - let’s fill that room to the rafters with laughing children ready for some great stories!

rowbump head



Check out this car/boat that I saw driving up Route 1 when I was headed toward Rowley.  I was somewhat amused.  I have added a few shows to the Upcoming Shows page - summer is filling up fast - so get your bid in now!

I will be at the Rowley Public Library tomorrow at 10:30am - Make sure you ge there early for a good seat!  I will be bringing a whole lot of fun with me!

Title: Chronicles of Harris Burdick
Author: Chris Van Allsburg
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin

I had such a blast with the children who joined me for the “Building Stories” workshops - and one of the exercises that sparks the most imaginative responses is when they try to come up with a story surrounding an image from “The Mysteries of Harris Burdick”. Well, here, a whole slew of famous authors do just that - they create a story out of one of the illustrations. It’s quite the read! Make sure you try doing this with your children!