May 2012

Plymouth Family Network is hosting a show from me - Big Ryan - at the Plymouth Public Library at 5:30pm!  Come and have a few laughs!

There is a show at the Raynham Library at 10:30am tomorrow - I promise it will be a night to remember… except… in the morning!  Come on by to have a great time!  Click the image above to be brought to the “Big Ryan’s Tall Tales” Facebook page where you can find more information!  While there “Like” the page so that you can keep up on all the Big Ryan news!

A child asked me to give him a high five.  I obliged.  He then told his friends in line with him that he got a high five from me.  His friend said “Dude!  Never wash that hand again!”.  He didn’t say it in a sarcastic way - he said it in a “Just met Magnum P.I. and he shook my hand” sort of way.  I was honored.


When I decided to build the bird sanctuary on the side of my house, I had high hopes, but real guarantees that I would see any different kinds of birds that I don’t normally see on a regular basis flying around the neighborhood.  Well, to my delight, I have seen quite a few - about 2 dozen - kinds of birds, including one of my favorites: the Baltimore Orioles.


But the other morning I awoke to a very different feathered friend outside - a wild turkey.  Wasn’t it Benjamin Franklin who thought the Turkey should be our national bird?  I know he wasn’t happy with the choice of the bald eagle.  Either way - here are a few shots of the Turkey who visited my house this week.  He (or she) poked around the bird sanctuary for a few minutes before taking off into the woods.


One can only wish to write stories that will be remembered for all time and touch so many the way that he did. He will be missed.

Title: Leonardo, the Terrible Monster
Author: Mo Willems
Publisher: Hyperion Books

I can tell that there is maybe a handful of times that books have made me smile after I was finished reading them. This is one of them! Found in a classroom in Bridgewater, right before my show, I had the time to read this tale about a monster who isn’t all that good… at being a monster!